TJ Test Prep

The admissions test for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology  includes Advanced Science, Critical Reading, Advanced Math, and SIS (Student Information Sheets/Essay Writing).

TJ Prep course will allow students to practice the latest testing materials: ACT Aspire (Critical Reading/Science), and Quant Q Math. It will enable students to exceed in the English, Math, and Science sections of the TJ Admission Test.

English review will use ACT practice problems and tests to improve advanced critical Reading, essay writing, verbal, and grammatical skills.

Math review will help students refresh their memory of previous math concepts through arithmetic review (number properties, factors, divisibility, fractions, decimals, exponents, radicals, percent, averages, ratios, proportions, rates, and probability), algebra review (the basics, word problems), geometry review. Teachers will also use MATHCOUNTS word problems, as these types of problem-solving math problems are essential on the Quant Q.

Science review includes advanced ACT testing materials. Students will practice reading science passages, analyzing experiments, and interpreting graphs.

Many of our students who took this prep class got admitted to TJ, AOS, or prestigious private schools. Our students have received high scores of 94/99/99, 99/98/94, 98/89/99 . These results have proven that Oakton Academy’s TJ review and prep approach is aligned with TJ Admission requirements.

 2020 – 2021 Winter Application                      

  • September 14, 2020 – Applications available online – 4:00 pm 
  • October 2, 2020 – Application deadline – 4:00 pm 
  • November 7, 2020 – First Round Test Day (Math, Reading, Science)
  • January 15, 2021 – Semifinalist Notification
  • February 13, 2021 – Second Round Test Day (Essays/SIS)
  • April 30, 2021 – Final decisions posted (No later than)

*click this link for admission updates:  TJ Admission Information Link

Question: If my child doesn’t get into the first round of the TJ test, will it still be helpful to participate in the TJ Essay Writing Workshop?

Answer: Absolutely! Thanks to our small class sizes, our teachers will be able to comment and critique each student’s essays.  In the process, students learn valuable writing skills necessary to become advanced and confident writers. These skills will benefit them in high school, college, and beyond, no matter which HS they attend.
Question: How do we prepare for the second round of the TJ Test?
Answer: It’s best to start Essay Writing practice early, as it is a crucial part of the admissions process. The essays in the second round are what make students stand out in the large pool of applicants. Our Essay Writing course starts in September and will cover how to:
  • select good topics to write about
  • structure and organize writings
  • apply their writing to the TJ admission test as well as other applications (e.g. club application, internship, leadership, and summer programs, etc.)

Our teachers will conduct essay review with each student and provide feedback and critique. By the end of the process, the students will grow to become  advanced and confident writers, having learned skills that they will carry with them further into high school and college. 


“The summer TJ prep is one of the most organized, structured TJ prep we have had. The materials the teachers are using are very advanced and challenging. We are confident that our kid is well prepared for the fall test, and our family is very happy with the four weeks’ intensive program. Thank you!”   – from a summer TJ prep parent

“We are very impressed by the teachers’ dedication and hard work. My son came for the fall TJ Prep, and he did extremely well in English (99%), which was a big surprise to us. He said the teacher prepared him well in constructed free-response questions, as well as SIS essay writing. We are very grateful to Oakton Academy, and would, without doubt, recommend it to any other students.”    – from a fall TJ prep parent

“My son received 94%, 99%, 98% for his TJ Test. He received the admission letter today from TJ. Thank you Oakton Academy for all the hard work and training….” from a fall TJ prep parent

“My son came for the Summer TJ prep, and he continued with the Fall class. We just received the letter of TJ admission. He did 89%, 99% and 99%. We would like to thank you for providing the solid training for TJ prep…..” from a summer and fall TJ Prep parent

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A group of 8th graders who took our fall and summer PSAT, TJ, AOS, and SSAT review classes were admitted to AOS, TJ, and private school, including Madeira, St. Jones, National Cathedral School, St. Paul’s School, and other top national private schools. Congratulations to them and wish them great success in their high schools.  A few students from Loudoun County got into both TJ and AOS, and decided to go to TJ in the fall of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.