A note from a former student who attended the July College Essay Workshop (April ’18)  

“I definitely found the workshop to be very helpful. In my experience this year as a senior and watching all the seniors around me going through this college process I’ve come to realize what may have been most helpful is the timing. Everyone tells you at the end of your junior year that you want to start your essays and applications early, but you never really do. I think the workshop was a great way to get people to not only start but be able to look over their work over and over again. The open workshop where you get opinions from both professionals and other students really helps out. Also, the workshop gives you a professional opinion on what you’re looking to write in your essays. A lot of people are excellent writers, but it’s more than just being able to write a good essay. You have to know what the colleges are looking for, and that’s hard because every college is looking for something different. ” – a student graduating in June 2018, will be in class of NYU 2022

A note from a College Application Essay Parent  (May ’18)

My son shared with me that Ms. Laura is very knowledgeable. She told him that W&M, VT will be his safe school, he is on the borderline of UVA. It turns out to be exactly true: he got accepted by W&M, VT (with scholarship), and wait listed on UVA.  – a note from a parent whose son attended 2017 Summer College Essay Workshop

A note from an AP Physics student (March ’18)

I attended Dr. Lu’s summer AP Physics Introduction class. That helped me build up a good foundation of AP Physics. So far, I am getting As in my class. This semester, I am also taking Dr. Lu’s AP Physics Review class, and am hoping to achieve 5 for my AP Physics exam. – from a student who attends Oakton HS as a junior 

A note from a parent (December ’17):

“K. got the ED offer for his dream school – NYU Stern Business School. Thank you all at Oakton Academy for the help in the past two years. The great work gave K. a solid foundation for his college application. We really appreciate every help you gave to him. “ – a student who attends Oakton HS, and will attend class of NYU 2022

A note from a summer AP Physics student (July ’17)

“This AP Physics class was the only one I’ve taken in which I did not waste any time during the class. Everything Dr. Lu taught helped me learn and understand AP Physics. I received A and also got 5 for AP Physics, and 770 for SAT Physics. Dr. Lu is the best teacher I have ever had. ”  – a note from a student who attends Montgomery Blaire High School

A note from a summer AP Physics student (July ’17):

“The class helped me understand the difficult concept in AP Physics 1. Each week, we reviewed challenging questions and problems, and learned together as a group with Dr. Lu’s strategy, coaching, and guidance. I got an A in my AP Physics class. I am thrilled with my progress and can’t believe how much I’ve learned.” – a note from a Junior who attends Oakton HS

A note from a parent (July 2017)

J. C. took Ms. Murphy’s SAT summer camp last year (2016), she just received 1570 from the May SAT test (2017). We are thrilled and would like to thank Ms. Murphy and Oakton Academy for the excellent SAT program. J. took the mock exam last summer when she was a sophomore, and she receive 1470 at that time. During her 1:1 review with Ms. Murphy, the teacher told J that she should be able to gain 100 points, and J actually made it happen and received 1570 in her SAT Exam (2017)! We are very grateful for the high quality of the program, and the most experienced teachers. They are the experts in SAT, the positive and friendly learning environment that Oakton Academy has created. My daughter J. loved it so much, and thank you again!  – a note from a parent whose daughter attended McLean HS

Comments from 5-8th Grade Reading and Writing Class:

“The teacher is very knowledgeable on each classic book. My daughter TC learned Shakespeare’s drama on the first day, and on the way driving back, she kept on telling me about the story. The class also had a play performance on the 4th week, which engaged them into the novel. My daughter hardly read classics before. But now she began to like reading it. We love the program so much, and would like to recommend it to anyone at this age .” A parent from Spring ‘ 18 class

“Ms. Courtney is very energetic, she planned a lot of activities, discussion, writing, reciting, acting for her class. My son AL likes it a lot.”  A parent from Fall ‘ 17 class

“We came here and tried one class, we decided to sign up. Ms. Courtney’s class is interesting, that’s what my son told me.” A parent from Fall ‘ 16 class

“I learned real professional writing strategy from Ms. Sanda.” A student from Spring ‘ 15 class

“It was fun to learn writing, because Ms. Sanda created writing games for us, which help us practice the method we have learned.” A student from Spring ‘ 15 class

“My daughter would not pick a classic book before. But after taking Ms. Sanda’s Reading & Writing class, she said she began to like to read classics. Ms. Sanda’s class opens the window to students, who get introduced and exposed to literature. We very much appreciate Oakton Academy’ Classic Reading Program.” – a parent from Spring ’15 class

“My son hardly likes any English class, after his first trial in Oakton, he asked me to sign him up. I am very happy that he likes this fun reading class and the teacher ” – a parent from Spring ’15 class

“It is definitely the best camp we ever had this summer, we will sign up for it next summer. The kids learned science and writing in a fun way.” – a parent from 2015 Summer Camp

“My two children are in 5th grade and 7th grader, both of them like the teacher and enjoy the unique, interesting, creative learning environment. They actually reflect in their biography writing homework, and they also like the inspirational Biography readings in this class. We would definitely want to come back next semester.”  – a parent from Fall ’15 class

“My son began to write journals a few times a week, that’s the best we get out of the class.” a parent from Spring ’16 class

“The small class size allows my daughter to participate the classroom discussion. She said she feels more comfortable and confident to speak in Ms. Sanda’s class.” a 5th grader’s parent

“The beauty of the class is the teacher is so passionate about teaching. Ms. Sanda always prepares so much for the class.  On the last day of class, it is amazing to see that each student is engaged in the classroom journal discussion, classic books discussion, and peer discussion. They all did an excellent job in the final presentations. We are very impressed by the educational product: it makes our kids want to come and want to learn.” a parent from Spring ’16 class

Registration: www.oaktonacademy.com  “registration”

Remarks from Oakton Academy (2017 Summer SAT Camp):

2017 SAT Camp was again a great success! The program has received overwhelming praise from both parents and students. Students received weekly updates, went through initial assessment, mid-term exam, and final exam. The class had improvement, ranging from 50 to 150 points. The highest score in the final exam is 1550 (770/780). Kudos to our excellent teachers and our hard working students! 

Following are some testimonies from former students (College Essay Workshop ’17)

Testimony 1: “Before the workshop, I had no clue what I was doing for my personal statement. The workshop taught me so many strategies, outlines, and tips to help me. I have learned so much from the teachers and my peers. Ms. Courtney has helped me see this process as a journey-of analyzing, brainstorming, and reflecting through high school and life. I can’t believe I completed 3 common application essay topics, the application form, as well as a few short supplemental essays all within 5 weeks. In addition, the counselors reviewed my work, talked to me frequently, and provided individual advice and guidance. The session was extremely helpful, as teachers and the counselors identified the problems in my application immediately and it helped me quickly focus on the areas I need to improve.” 

Testimony 2: “This session definitely helped me meet the deadline of college applications. Without it, there is no way I could’ve finished all the forms, activity lists, and essays within 5 weeks, if I did it at home by myself. The workshop environment helped push me in a friendly and positive way. I am grateful that I got so much done, especially because of the counselor that advised me on my EA/ED selections. I can’t thank the teachers enough, as they reviewed my essays almost 6 times, because each teacher did at least 2-3 rounds. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.”   

Testimony 3: “After the workshop, I feel much more confident in submitting my EA/ED applications, having only written a few essays before attending. The process of having teachers reviewing each essay multiple times, a counselor helping me reflect on the past 4 years’ high school, and having the list of schools reviewed, discussed, selected, and finalized helped my parents and I tremendously. We all feel much more confident in the application process. Many thanks to Ms. Laura, Ms. Courtney, and Ms. Ivy.”

A note from an SAT Math student (2016) 

Throughout these three months, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and instruction in the SAT Math class. Before attending the class, there were multiple gaps in my knowledge of the mathematics required for the SAT. However, we are taught to use three excellent SAT Math workbooks, my knowledge of  former concepts got reinforced, and my perspective on mathematics got expanded.

In doing so, I was able to exam problems from multiple viewpoints, and thus acquire a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Moreover, with taking a section of a practice test each week, I began to identify my weaknesses and could now focus on addressing the specific types of problems and concepts with which I struggled the most. Each week’s homework consisted of series of problem sets, with each set containing only five problems: far from overbearing yet providing a practice opportunity critical to understanding specific concepts.  The teacher is extremely knowledgeable, and can address students’ individual questions and concerns.

Comments regarding Math Teacher Professor N.’s Class:

“I loved his class and he was so helpful and made Math (Calculus) more fun despite it being incredibly hard. The key to pass is practice.” “This is my second time taking one of his math classes. I highly recommend taking his. His quizzes are difficult but his tests are straightforward and he gives you a practice test. He really cares about his classes and makes the lectures interesting.” – a note from an SAT Math student

Comments regarding Science Instructor Ms. Lindsay’s Class:

“It is the best science camp I have ever attended. I will definitely sign up again next summer.” – a note from a parent whose child attended the science summer camp

We do not publish students’ names as we agree to protect their privacy; additional data and report are in the process. Congratulations to the students who have reported to us and who have achieved excellent scores on their SAT test!