Science, Reading, Writing, and Public Speaking (5-7th Grade)

5-7th Grade Science/Reading/Writing/Public Speaking
8:45 am – 5 pm

Week 1 Jun 25- Jun 29

Week 2 Jul 2 – Jul 6

Week 3 Jul 9 – Jul 13

Week 4 Jul 16 – Jul 20

Each day, our teachers will conduct science experiments with students, using the simplest materials, such as using pickle as battery, dish wash liquid to make clouds, DNA extraction, using celery for plant biology, and many other interesting science experiments. 

Every day, our teachers work on critical reading, grammar, vocabulary, creative writing or essay crafting, and public speaking. We aim to train our students to become avid readers, advanced writers, curious scientists, and confident public speakers.

Teachers’s Bio:

Teacher Ms. Ivy graduated with greatest honor of summa cum laude from the English and Political Science Department. She also received Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing. Ms. Ivy further receives a J.D. degree from the law school. Ms. Ivy taught “Creative Writing” and “English Composition” courses at English Department, George Mason University.

Ms. Ivy brings her impressive writing talents and publication accomplishments to Oakton Academy. Ms. Ivy published many poems and articles, and won Academy of American University & College Poetry Prize in 2008, awarded and judged by the poet Scrikanth Reedy, who was a graduate from Harvard English Literature department.

Ms. Ivy was an honored “Truman Capote Fellowship” recipient. For the past two summers, Ms. Ivy led the reading and writing classes for 5-7th graders. Her students passed the TJ admission test and other private high school test. Ms. Ivy is currently leading an “Intensive Writing” class for 7th and 8th graders. All her students enjoy her writing approach, and like her as a teacher as well. She has received overwhelming praise from both parents and students. It is our privilege to have Ms. Ivy lead and teach our students this summer.

Teacher Ms. Lindsay currently teaches Biology and Chemistry at FCPS.  She is certified in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics.  Ms. Lindsay has taught Biology, Genetics, and Microbiology to college students at Illinois Wesleyan University, where she graduated with cum laude.  

Ms. Lindsay holds a Master of Science degree from College of Agricultural and Life Science, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her thesis was on “Aminoglycoside Antibiotics Resistance in Wisconsin Apple Orchard Soil.” (2009)

Her chemistry and biology teaching includes bubble lab (looking at properties of a membrane), an enzyme lab (using yeast and hydrogen peroxide). She adds a focus on graphing a data interpretation to strengthen many students’ science skills and to perform well in the science test.

Ms. Lindsay’s teaching philosophy and goals are to provide a positive and safe learning environment for all enrolled in the class; to utilize her broad biology training in the natural science teaching; to expose modern techniques of science to increase students’ academic achievement.

She has worked with students on genetics unit, including classical and Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, protein synthesis, and an introduction to molecular research techniques, including DNA sequencing, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and cloning. We are very excited to have Ms. Lindsay lead the summer science, reading, writing, and debate program for 5/6/7th graders.  

This summer camp is extremely rewarding and praised by both parents and students. We helps students build up interest in science, gain exposure to classical literature and language art, and become confident public speakers.

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