Science, Reading, Writing, and Public Speaking (5-7th Grade)

5-7th Grade Science/Reading/Writing/Public Speaking
8:45 am – 5 pm

Week 1 Jun 17- Jun 21

Week 2 Jul 24 – Jul 28

Week 3 Jul 1 – Jul 5

Week 4 Jul 8 – Jul 12

Each day, our teachers will conduct science experiments with students, using the simplest materials, such as using pickle as battery, dish wash liquid to make clouds, DNA extraction, using celery for plant biology, and many other interesting science experiments. 

Every day, our teachers work on critical reading, grammar, vocabulary, creative writing or essay crafting, and public speaking. We aim to train our students to become avid readers, advanced writers, curious scientists, and confident public speakers.

This summer camp is rewarding and praised by both parents and students. We helps students build up interest in science, gain exposure to classical literature and language art, and become confident public speakers.

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