TJ, AOS Admission Test

The high school admission test includes Advanced Science, Critical Reading, Advanced Math, and SIS (Student Information Sheets/Essay Writing). Links to Registration: 

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The TJ Test, AOS admission prep session includes Advanced Critical Reading, Essay writing, verbal and grammatical skills. It will provide students opportunity to practice the latest testing materials: ACT Aspire (Critical Reading/Science), Math (Quant Q), as well as PSAT (Preliminary SAT). It will enable students to exceed in English language, Math and Science learning. It will also get them well prepared for specialized high school admission tests, including private high school, AOS admission in Loudoun,  and TJ admission in Fairfax. Many students who joined this camp last three years got admitted to TJ or AOS, or national prestigious private schools.

The best way for students to improve their verbal scores is to cultivate a love of reading and writing that will enhance students’ vocabulary and reading comprehension.

This class will work on critical reading comprehension, reflective, persuasive, and creative essay writing to stimulate the students’ love of the written word. The class will include grammar instructions where it is needed to strengthen students’ skills. The enriched curriculum is designed for advanced readers and writers who are rising 8th graders and exceptional advanced 7th graders. Students will exercise their developing critical reading and thinking skills to interpret and write stories, essays, and poems. The curriculum aims to develop students’ ability and skills in the following 5 C’s:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Curious scientific learning and discovering
  • Collaborative team work 
  • Connecting the dots across subjects, topics, and projects

Math review will enhance students’ problem solving skills, help students refresh, reflect and practice the following concepts.

  • Arithmetic review, including number properties, factors, divisibility, fractions, decimals, exponents, radicals, percent, averages, ratios, proportions, rates, and probability; Algebra review (the basics): Algebra word problems; Geometry review: concepts, practice, as well as logical, analytical problem solving.

Science review includes advanced ACT testing materials. It has a variety of skills practice and instruction on problem solving techniques, extensive science and mathematical modeling practice with challenging, multi-step tasks. Students will be ready to take any high school specialized standard tests for admissions. 

TJ SIS Essay Writing Workshop

During the 6- 8 weeks’ training and practice, our students will reflect, brainstorm, draft, and write about themselves. In the TJ Essay Test, students will be required to write about their interest, passion, activities, enthusiasm about STEM. Students will also be required to write about why they would want to go to TJ, and what they could contribute to the TJ community, etc. etc. Thanks to the benefit of the small class size, our teachers will be able to conduct 1:1 essay review with each student, who will get prepared for the TJ Essay Writing (semifinalists’ 2nd round of the TJ test). In the process, our students grow to be an advanced and confident writers, the skill that will bring them further into high school, colleges, and into their future. 

In our Summer TJ, AOS Program, we also have public speaking:

This course will cover Public Speaking & Debate:

  • Develop speaking confidence and ability without stage fright
  • Prepare a speech by organizing, structuring and adapting material to audience
  • Convey a speech with clarity, accuracy, and conviction; prepare and make inspirational, persuasive speeches
  • Develop appropriate body language: hand gestures, eye contact, and posture
  • Develop confidence and enthusiasm that students will carry with them for active participation in class or club activities
  • Increase self-confidence in all aspects: speaking, communicating, writing, etc.
  • Develop effective communication skills and leadership abilities, build up interest and confidence in pursuing leadership roles in school, in community, and future in college and society

Testimony: “The summer TJ prep is one of the most organized, structured TJ prep we have had. The materials the teachers are using are also very advanced and challenging. We will definitely sign up for the fall prep class. Thank you!”   – from a summer TJ prep parent

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A group of 8th graders who took our fall and summer PSAT, TJ, AOS, and SSAT review classes were admitted to AOS, TJ, and private school, including Madeira, St. Jones, National Cathedral School, Potomac School, and other top national private schools. Congratulations to them and we wish them great success in high school.


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