Public Speaking, Debate


  • Public Speaking 
  • Weekly presentation and Public Speaking Training
  • Washington DC Area Public Speaking Competition Training and Preparation
  • Leadership Learning and Training 
Effective Communication, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Interviewing, and Leadership Training  


This course will help students in communication, classroom participation, project presentations, public speaking, and interviewing skills for any application (clubs, team, awards, summer programs, etc.) We aim to help students become MORE confident, MORE capable, and MORE competent  and effective in communications in ALL settings. The speaking skills and qualification is  ESSENTIAL in becoming future WORKERS and LEADERS.  

PUBLIC SPEAKING – this course will cover all the following:

  • Develop speaking ability in front of an audience without stage fright
  • Organize a message or a speech by structuring and adapting material to audience
  • Convey a message orally with clarity, accuracy, and conviction
  • Develop appropriate hand gestures, eye contact, and posture
  • Develop enthusiasm and active participation in class or club activities
  • Create valuable relationships with other students and teachers
  • Increase self-confidence in all aspects: speaking, communicating, writing, etc.
  • For high school students, this will also cover “Interviewing Skills” to enable them to interview successfully for internships, college applications (mock interviews)
  • Our team’s teachers represent College Admission Alumni Interviewing Committee, and received interviewing training to conduct interviews to prospective students
  • Develop effective communication skills and leadership abilities, build up interest and confidence in pursuing leadership roles in school, in community, and future in college and society

Communication Ability Assessment and Evaluation:

Each student’s presentation will be assessed and evaluated based on many elements in the speech. It includes but will not be limited to: poised posture, confidence, meaningful gestures, body movement, genuine facial expression, eye contact, voice projection , varied pitch, enthusiasm, subject or contents of the delivery, level of inspiration, etc.

Welcome to this Fun and Rewarding Public Speaking Class!

Coach Edmond mentors, coaches, and teaches Public Speaking skills to a wide range of students, from elementary aged to adults. His teaching style enables all students to overcome stage fright, refine their speech message, allow the inner voice to be heard. He is currently teaching Public Speaking at local HCS/Chantilly Campus.

Coach Edmond is the 2009 District 27 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Champion which included over 4,500 Toastmasters in the Northern Virginia, Southern Washington DC and Southern Maryland. He earned the Toastmaster International Highest Honor, the Distinguished Toastmaster Award in 2012.  

Congratulations 🎈🎈🎈

In May 2019, our Oakton Academy students received 2nd and 3rd prize for the Washington DC Future Leaders’ Public Speaking Contest: Eric (10th grade) received 2nd prize;  Philip (11th Grade) received 3rd prize. Congratulations!!!

In April 2018

1 student got the first place (medal, Thomas, 9th Grade), and 2 students got the 3rd place (Hannah, 9th grade, Alex, 8th grade). Congratulations!

In January 2017

Our students received 1st prize and honorable mentioned for the Washington DC Future Leader’s Public Speaking Contest. Benjamin (10th Grade) received the first place in January 2017. Alex (7th grade) received honorable mentioned for middle school group. Congratulations!

“I become more confident in speaking in front of people. I learned a lot about how to organize, to write, and to deliver a speech” –  a 7th grader 

“My daughter hardly raised her voice when she speaks in front of her class; after 10 weeks’ public speaking class, she is courageously and confidently speaking and delivering the speech. I am extremely impressed with her progress. Many thanks Coach Edmond!” – a parent from the public speaking class

“I like the way that Coach constructs the class: each student gets the opportunity to share, to learn, and to speak. After 10 weeks, we also build up bond among our peers after so much sharing of our personal stories. I especially like to watch a few videos on famous commencement speeches, which provides us information, knowledge, and scope on how famous people make important speeches. It motivate me to learn from small steps.” – a 10th grader from the public speaking class 

“I was nervous about presentation and making speeches. I hardly speak at my regular class. However, the 10 weeks’ small classroom setting, the constructive feedback from the coach, and the friendly and positive classmates give me a lot of encouragement and confidence to learn to make speeches. I really enjoy the class.” – a 7th grader from the public speaking class 2016


We offers Introduction of Debate, and Intermediate Level of Debate. It includes introduction to the basics of debate structure and argumentation. Through lectures, coursework, and individual workshops, students will learn essential concepts such as frameworks, rebuttal techniques, weighing strategies, and case construction, culminating in a fun mock tournament at the end of the session.

Debate Coaches include experienced debate members and captains, who taught and coached high school and middle school students debate.  We also have coaches places top ranking at many National Tournaments. They coached local middle and high school students. Some of them taught at George Mason University Summer Debate Camp. They are highly qualified and experienced in debate coaching and debate teaching. 

Our debate coaches include students who were former captains of their high schools. They have had many years’ experience in the debate team One coach was 2nd place in the State Championships, and won the top speaker award at Policy Debate competition.  One coach was the 1st place and the 1st speaker at the Regional Washington Arlington qualifier tournament, and broke records at multiple National Tournaments, including placing as a semifinalist in the 2014 George Mason National Invitational, and a quarterfinalist in the 2015 Pennsbury Falcon National Invitational.  The coaches taught debate and public speaking to middle and high school students.