This is designed for high school students to learn and practice the PSAT and SAT. All students will take PSAT on October 10, 2018. The PSAT/SAT prep provides students with new format, new strategy and practice in order to succeed on this exam. The test prep will target to achieve the following goals.

  • Be able to apply Critical Reading strategies that best address the new types of questions in the redesigned exam
  • Be able to adapt test-taking practices to the revised questions in the new SAT.
  • Practice with texts and contents that reflect the emphasis on historical documents, global issues, current affairs, science, as well as traditional classic literature.
  • Emphasize how to interpret, synthesize, and use evidence to assess challenging texts aligned to the new SAT
  • Vocabulary study will focus on inferential strategies in order to prepare students for the new emphasis on contextual meaning
  • Practice analyzing data and information found on charts, graphs, and passages which reflect those tested in the new SAT
  • New SAT is different on essays. Students are required to read passages and apply ANALYSIS of authors’ argument. Strategies that are learned in AP English will be taught
  • Pre and post-tests will be given to measure students’ progress
  • One to One teacher’s conference will be held to update students’ progress and improvement areas
  • Students who joined the summer’s SAT camp, achieved high scores  for PSAT (1500, 1480 out of 1520) in their PSAT test
  • Students who joined the August intensive session, achieved high scores of 750, 760, 780, with writing scores of 7-8-8! Congratulations!!!

Ms. Murphy’s Bio:

  • Over 35 years’ teaching experience in both public and private schools
  • The Department Chairperson of English Department in HS
  • The Instructional Leadership Specialist in English and content literacy
  • Appointed to represent her school district on the Model Curriculum Writing Project, and was recognized as a top author of standards-based English curriculum, winning note from, a nationally well-known Education Think Tank
  • On College Board’s NEW SAT Design and Review Committee
  • Has taught SAT English, AP Literature, and AP Language
  • Her students have achieved high scores in SAT (790/800), PSAT (760/760, 1520 perfect score)
  • Check the link: SAT Course for more details

***Congratulations to our students who got admitted to Cornell, CalTech, Duke, UChicago, NYU for 2017 Early Admissions as of Dec 19, 2017. All students have submitted their regular application before 1/1/2018. Congratulations for early admission students!! Best wishes to the students who will receive admission in April 2018.

***Congratulations to the students who achieved high in October 2017 PSAT tests: 1510, 1500, 1490, and most of juniors received 99% national percentile ranking as juniors. Many freshmen and sophomore also reported high scores after their PSAT prep at Oakton Academy. CONGRATULATIONS for the hard work and excellent results!

***Congratulations to our ten seniors (nine students reported as of 9/25/17) who got selected to be NMS (National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists. One additional student reported on 9/27 that he also got into the semifinalist’ list. They are currently seniors and took the PSAT in October 2016). Oakton Academy is proud to recognize the 10 students (reported as of September 27, 2017), who have been honored as NMS Semifinalists. Each student completed our Oakton Academy’s SAT or/and Critical Reading and Writing class, honing Reading, Writing, and Math skills which supported and led to their success. The teachers at Oakton Academy are dedicated to students’ work and achievement and recognize the students as shining examples of their hard work, talent, and dedication it takes to achieve this award. Congratulations to the seniors and their families. We wish our students more success in the school year of 2018.

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