Advanced Reading & Writing (7th – 8th Graders)

Location: 2705 Hunter Mill Rd, VA 22124 (*close to Vienna, McLean, Fairfax, Oakton areas)

The Classic Reading & Writing Workshop is designed for advanced writers and readers who would like to expand their critical reading and writing horizon. It covers specific writing and reading strategies which will build long term language and literature appreciation, interest and skills. The instructor has creatively incorporated “Reading, Writing, and Public Speaking” into the workshop for students to have an exciting and memorable enrichment experience.

Books used in this class include: Autobiography Marie Sklodowska-Curie Curie; Shakespeare’s play “As you like it,” Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, Allen Hammond’s “A passion to know twenty profits in science.”


教学宗旨是: 为上初中的学生介绍不同程度的文学作品, 科学和历史读物. 让他们在读和写的过程中, 提高对作品的理解力, 想像力和分析能力. 让他们了解并学习作者使用的写作方法和技巧. 在阅读和分析作品的过程中, 提高学生写作, 欣赏和理解能力, 同时也为将来的高中英文学习和SAT考试打好坚实的基础。SAT考试部分”批判性阅读 – Critical Reading”就是从小学,初中开始训练出来的。

“经典作品阅读写作班”的学生, 本学期表演了Charles Dickens名著Great Expectations; 莎士比亚名著:喜剧Much Ado About Nothing,获得家长们赞赏!学生在每周的阅读和写作,以及每周的课堂讨论,排练和表演过程中, 增加了他们对【著名文学作品】阅读的兴趣,提高了孩子们的理解能力,促进了孩子们的读书热情!每位学生都很喜欢老师的讲解,诠释!Each student commented: it is a fun learning class!  老师精心安排的课程和活动博得大家的称赞!  报名开始,每班人数限于10-12位。

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Location: 2705 Hunter Mill Road, VA 22124

Contact: (571) 354-7199; or

Schedule: Sunday 4-5 pm (5/6th Grade); 5-6 pm (7/8th Grade) 

Leading Instructor Ms. Holly brings to Oakton Academy more than 10 years of teaching experience in English.  She teaches at George Mason University “English Composition,” “Introduction to Literature,” and “Introduction to Creative Writing.” Her teaching experience also includes teaching at the GMU Writing Center, coaching college students and graduates in their internship application, graduate school application. In addition Ms. Holly taught at FCPS Robinson High School, Randolph-Macon Academy, Nysmith private school, and Flint Hill Private School. She served as Director of the literary magazine and the Creative Writing Club at Nysmith.  

She has been working with students and supporting them in submitting writings for contests, publications, and for the Scholastic Writing competitions. Ms. Holly’s poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have been published in various literary journals.

Ms. Holly’s experience at both the grade school and college level puts her in a unique and favorable position to equip her students with the tools they need to succeed in schools and later in colleges. She brings into the classroom a creative, dynamic, and student-centered approach to teaching.  

Instructor Ms. Courtney brings her excellent English language and literature background, and her years of experience in working with children to Oakton Academy. She loves Shakespeare’s work, and directs plays for the children as they learn Shakespeare’s work. She majored in English Creative Writing, and has had extensive experience working with advanced and gifted middle and high school students in GMU’s Early Identification program (EIP), a program designed to promote promising college-bound students.

Ms. Courtney has been mentoring, tutoring and teaching to students from K – 12. Her master’s major is on English Curriculum and Instruction. She is bringing her creative and unique teaching style to our classic reading and writing program. Every student who tried out her class, decided to take the “Classic Reading and Writing Class” because she has made the class not only enriching, but also a lot of fun for students.

Ms. Courtney also has years of experience working with the Girl Scouts of America, helping prepare young students for a successful future academically and professionally. She won the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Ms. Courtney is excited to bring her passion for Literature, Language, and Education to Oakton Academy. 

Instructor  Ms. Sanda is currently teaching AAP program in FCPS. Ms. Sanda holds a Master degree of Education, which focuses on curriculum design, writing and teaching for K-8th Graders.  She has taught Creative and Persuasive Writing Classes in Arlington and Fairfax. For the past years, she developed stimulating and engaging content that promotes active learning and critical thinking for Oakton Academy students. She believes that the best way to learn is through experience, interaction with peers, and guidance from the educator. She is passionate about literary analysis, and loves classical literature. Her favorite Shakespeare play is “Hamlet,” and she loves the work of Ray Bradbury, Janet Frame, and Langston Hughes.

Ms. Sanda’s dedication to students, her passion for teaching, as well as her combination background of education, science, and writing adds to this vibrant and unique learning environment.

Comments from students and parents:

“Ms. Courtney is very knowledgeable on each classic book. My daughter TC learned Shakespeare’s drama on the first day, and on the way driving back, she kept on telling me about the story. The class also had a play performance on the 4th week, which engaged them into the novel. My daughter hardly read classics before. But now she began to like reading it. We love the program so much, and would like to recommend it to anyone at this age .” A parent from Fall ‘ 16 class

“Ms. Courtney is very energetic, she planned a lot of activities, discussion, writing, reciting, acting for her class. My son AL likes it a lot.”  A parent from Fall ‘ 16 class

“We came here and tried one class, we decided to sign up. Ms. Courtney’s class is interesting, that’s what my son told me.” A parent from Fall ‘ 16 class

“I learned real professional writing strategy from Ms. Sanda.” A student from Spring ‘ 16 class

“It was fun to learn writing, because Ms. Sanda created writing games for us, which help us practice the method we have learned.” A student from Spring ‘ 16 class

“My daughter would not pick a classic book before. But after taking Ms. Sanda’s Reading & Writing class, she said she began to like to read classics. Ms. Sanda’s class opens the window to students, who get introduced and exposed to literature. We very much appreciate Ms. Sanda’s class and Oakton Academy Reading Program.” – a parent from Spring ’16 class

“My son hardly likes any English class, after his first trial in Oakton, he asked me to sign him up. I am very happy that he likes this fun reading class and the teacher Ms. Sanda.” – a parent from Spring ’15 class

“It is definitely the best camp we ever had this summer, we will sign up for it next summer. The kids learned science and writing in a fun way.” – a parent from 2015 Summer Camp

“My two children are in 5th grade and 7th grader, both of them like the teacher and enjoy the unique, interesting, creative learning environment. They actually reflect in their biography writing homework, and they also like the inspirational Biography readings in this class. We would definitely want to come back next semester.”  – a parent from Fall ’15 class

“My son began to write journals a few times a week, that’s the best we get out of the class.” a parent from Spring ’16 class

“The small class size allows my daughter to participate the classroom discussion. She said she feels more comfortable and confident to speak in Ms. Sanda’s class.” a 5th grader’s parent

“The beauty of the class is the teacher is so passionate about teaching. Ms. Sanda always prepares so much for the class.  On the last day of class, it is amazing to see that each student is engaged in the classroom journal discussion, classic books discussion, and peer discussion. They all did an excellent job in the final presentations. We are very impressed by the educational product: it makes our kids want to come and want to learn.” a parent from Spring ’16 class

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