Computer Science

Introduction to Java Programming

Course Description: The course is designed for students with no programming background. Students learn logic design and computer programming skills in java. The course covers the fundamentals of computer programming, including expressions, decision statements, data types, Boolean logic, input/output, loop constructs, methods and arrays.  Students will be able to combine programming techniques to solve problems and refine computer programs through testing and debugging to ensure proper operation.  The course is broken down into lectures, coding practice, real world application, game design and implementation.  The course prepares students for computer science courses in high school. 

To successfully benefit from this course, students (7th graders and up) must have strong logical and analytical thinking, basic computer knowledge and experience in using a Word editor, such as Notepad and a web browser.  There is NO other prior computer programming experience required.

AP Computer Science

Course Description: The course is designed for students with fundamentals of programming skills.  Students will be able to apply object-oriented principles and techniques in the development of software systems. All major topics in AP Computer Science A exam will be covered, including classes and objects, inheritance, polymorphism, recursion, lists, searching/sorting, etc. The course is broken down into lectures, coding practice, and test preparation.  This class helps students well prepared for AP Computer Science Exam, in both exam contents and exam strategy.

Instructor’s Bio:

Professor C. Y. has over 20 years of teaching experience for high school and College on Computer Science in Virginia. With extensive teaching experience on programming languages and AP Computer Science, she has been working closely with students on their knowledge and skill development based on individual’s strength and weakness. Professor Cui’s unique Computer Science curriculum enables students to exceed in Java learning on advanced topics and succeed in AP CS exam.

Professor C. Y. holds master degrees in both Computer Science and Engineering. She is a certified teacher for Calculus and Computer Science subjects. She has also taught AP Calculus and other College Level Mathematics in Northern Virginia. We are excited to have the professor bring her expertise of CS to Oakton Community.