SAT Reports and Achievements

2017 News Update:

**Congratulations to our students who got admitted to top colleges: Cornell, Duke, CalTech, UChicago, for 2017 Early Admissions as of Dec 13, 2017. We are expecting more students to report their college admissions! Congratulations!!! 

**Congratulations to the students who achieved high in 2017 PSAT tests: 1510, 1500, 1490, and most of our juniors received 99% national ranking as juniors. Many freshmen and sophomore also reported high scores after their PSAT prep with us. CONGRATULATIONS for the hard work and excellent results!

**Congratulations to our senior students (10 students reported as of 9/25/17) who got selected to be NMS (National Merit Scholarship) Semifinalists. They are currently seniors and took the PSAT last October (2016). 

Oakton Academy is proud to recognize the 10 students (reported as of September 25, 2017), who have been honored as NMS Semifinalists. Each student completed either SAT or/and Critical Reading and Writing class at Oakton Academy, honing skills which supported and led to their success. The SAT teachers at Oakton Academy are dedicated to students’ work and achievement. They also recognize the students as shining examples of their hard work, talent, and dedication. Congratulations to the senior students and their families. We wish our students more success in the school year of 2018.

2017 SAT Summer Camp was a great success! The program has received overwhelming praise from both parents and students. Students received weekly updates, went through initial assessment, mid-term exam, and final exam. The class had improvement, ranging from 50 to 150 points. The highest score in the final exam is 1550 (770/780). Kudos to our excellent teachers and our hard working students! 

Below is the most recent report results from 2017 SAT exams.

***A Special Message from SAT Instructor Ms. Murphy on September 18, 2017***

Murphy: “For the past 3 years it has been a privilege and joy to use my 35 years of experience as an educator to guide Oakton Academy students to success on the English SAT exam. I am enormously proud of our students’ success. It is proof of their diligence. My classes teach students to apply their already impressive language skills to a higher level, employing tactics resulting in increases ranging from 50 to 150 points. The highest SAT Score is 780/800 and the highest essay score is 8-7-7! Congratulations to our graduates! Your hard work has given you success. I am proud to be your teacher!”  – Ms. Murphy

2017 October SAT Test Reports:

  • Student 1: SAT Math 750; SAT Physics 730
  • Student 2: SAT Math 770; SAT Physics 770
  • Student 3: SAT Math 800; SAT Physics 800  
  • Student 4: 1520 (730/790) 
  • Student 5: 1540 (750/790)
  • Student 6: 1520 (720/800)
  • Student 7: 1540 (750/790)
  • Student 8: 1440 (720/720)

2017 August SAT Test Reports: the following included the results of those who reported to us as of Sept 18, 2017!

  • Student 1: 1490 (730/760)
  • Student 2: 1570 (770/800)
  • Student 3: 1580 (780/800)
  • Student 4: 1510 (730/780)
  • Student 5: 1550 (760/790) 
  • Student 6: 1540 (740/800)
  • Student 7: 1550 (750/800)
  • Student 8:  1560 (760/800)
  • Student 9: 1480 (700/780)
  • Student 10: 1470 (710/760)

2017 May/June SAT Test Results: 

  • Student 1: 1500 (740/760)
  • Student 2: 1570 (780/790)
  • Student 3: 1570 (770/800)
  • Student 4: 1540 (740/800)
  • Student 5: 1540 (740/800)
  • Student 6: 1530 (740/790)
  • Student 7: 1500 (740/760)
  • Student 8: SAT Physics (770)
  • Student 9: SAT Physics (800)
  • We do not publish students’ names as we agree to protect their privacy. Congratulations to those who have reported to us, and who have achieved such excellent scores on their SAT exam!
  • A note from a parent: “J. C. took Ms. Murphy’s SAT summer camp last year, she (from Langley HS) just received 1570 from the May SAT test. We are thrilled and would like to thank Ms. Murphy and Oakton Academy for the excellent SAT program. J. took the mock exam last summer when she was a sophomore, and she receive 1470 at that time. During her 1:1 review with Ms. Murphy, the teacher told J that she should be able to gain 100 points, and J actually made it happen! We are very grateful for the high quality of the program, the most experienced teachers, they are the experts in SAT, the positive and friendly learning environment that Oakton Academy has created. My daughter J loved it so much, and thank you again!”

2016 October SAT Test Results:

  • Student 1: English 780, Essay 7-8-8, Math 770
  • Student 2: English 750, Essay 7-7-7, Math 770
  • Student 3: English 720, Essay 7-7-7, Math 800
  • Student 4: English 740, Essay 7-8-8, Math 800
  • More Juniors (2016) will take the SAT in January 2017. An intensive SAT class is held in late December. Congratulations to the students who worked hard and achieved such excellent SAT scores!!!

2016 November SAT Test Results: 

  • Student 1: 700/770
  • Student 2: 770/800
  • Student 3: 750/770
  • Student 4: 730/750
  • Essays range from 17 – 24 (total score of 24, 8-8-8); some received high scores of 7-8-8; and 8-8-7 for Essay Writing

2016 December SAT Test Results:

  • Student 1: 740/770
  • Student 2: 750/790
  • Student 3: 750/800
  • Student 4: 790/780 
  • Pending more students to report (due to holiday, many are out of town). Congratulations to the hard working students! 

2017 January SAT Test Results: (*SAT Honored Club)

  • Student 1: 720/800
  • Student 2: 740/790
  • Student 3: 720/800
  • Student 4: 750/680
  • Student 5: 790/790
  • Student 6: <700/790
  • Student 7: <700/790
  • A quick update on SAT Test Reports (Oct/Nov/Dec 2016 and Jan 2017). The results demonstrated the value and strength of our SAT program, which received overwhelming praise from parents and students.
  • Students who took Ms. Murphy’s Critical Reading/Writing at 10th Grade; and took her SAT over the summer. They achieved scores as high as listed above (720-800).
  • Parents are very grateful to Ms. Murphy’s Reading and Writing class, and the SAT training class.  A student said that “Ms. Murphy’s class definitely helped me achieve 750 for English, and 7-7-7 for the essay writingI took one semester’s CRW class; and then the summer SAT with Ms. Murphy. She is the most experienced English teacher I have had. I could not have gotten these high scores without her help.” Another student’s parent commented: “My son (Matthew C.) only participated in the intensive session for 10 days; he improved a lot in his reading part, which was normally his weakness; we are very happy that he got 720/800. Thanks Ms. Murphy very much for your help.”  We congratulate the students for their hard work, diligent practice, and outstanding results!
  • One student joined the Winter Intensive SAT Review, and achieved 720/800. The student received the highest score of 790/790; she joined our summer PSAT/SAT camp, and diligently practiced for three months before January 21 SAT test. Congratulations to all our students!!!

PSAT Test Result (December 12, 2016)

On December 12, 2016, we have received the following reports from junior students who received their PSAT scores. To protect students’ privacy, no names are displayed:

Student 1: 1480; student 2: 1480; student 3: 1470; student 4: 1500 (Perfect score is 1520); student 5: 1480; student 6; 1490; student 7: 1500, student 8, 1510 (750/760). The above numbers are solid and good for 2018 National Merit Scholarship. See target score cut off information on:

Per National Merit Scholarship Program, the official cutoff score will not be announced until September 2017. Congratulations to those who achieved high scores (PSAT: 1470/1480/1490/1500/1510).


“I am enormously proud of our students’ success on their recent SAT exam. Each student was diligent in their class preparation and their hard work has paid off!  Congratulations! Your hard work has given you success. I am proud to be your teacher! ” – by Ms. Murphy

PSAT and National Merit Scholarship:

PSAT 是 The Preliminary SAT 的缩写,也叫 National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT),作为全国优秀奖学金资格考试,是由美国大学理事会和国家优秀奖学金总部共同举办的一种标准化考试。每年十月份,FCPS 对9,10,11年级学生分别进行测试PSAT. 以11年级统考成绩为准 (NMSQT).  Fall PSAT prep 于9/10/17开始, Sunday 4 – 6 pm!

FCPS 213 Students Named National Merit Semifinalists in 2016:     

FCPS students who got into the finalist – NMSQT: