2018 Intensive SAT Review

SAT/PSAT/AP @ Oakton Academy

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2018 Intensive SAT/PSAT Prep:

  • SAT Intensive Prep, 1/13 – 3/5 for March Exam* (Wait List)
  • SAT Intensive Prep, 3/5 – 5/5 for May/Jun Exam, open for registration 
  • Critical Reading and Writing (excellent for 9/10th Grader), 10 am – 12   
  • SAT Essay Writing & Grammar, Sunday 4-5 pm * New Class
  • SAT English, Sunday 2-4 pm  
  • SAT Math, Sunday 4-5 pm, link: SAT Math  
  • SAT Math 2 (subject), Sunday 5-6 pm
  • SAT September Intensive Session * Completed 
  • SAT August Intensive Session  *full and completed
  • SAT Intensive English, Saturday 12-2 pm, link: SAT English 
  • SAT Math Subject Prep (Math 2), link: SAT Math 2
2017 News Update:

Congratulations to our seniors (9 students reported as of 9/25/17) who got selected to be NMS (National Merit Scholarship) Semifinalists. One additional student reported on 9/27 that he also got into the semifinalist’ list. They are currently seniors and took the PSAT last October (2016). Oakton Academy is proud to recognize the 9 students (reported as of September 25, 2017), who have been honored as NMS Semifinalists. Each of the 9 students completed our SAT or/and Critical Reading and Writing class, honing skills which supported and led to their success. The teachers at Oakton Academy are dedicated to students’ work and achievement and recognize the students as shining examples of their hard work, talent, and dedication it takes to achieve this award. Congratulations to the seniors and their families. We wish our students more success in the school year of 2018.

2017 SAT Summer Camp was again a great success! The program has received overwhelming praise from both parents and students. Students received weekly updates, went through initial assessment, mid-term exam, and final exam. The class had improvement, ranging from 50 to 150 points. The highest score in the final exam is 1550 (770/780). Kudos to our excellent teachers and our hard working students! 

Below is the most recent report results from 2017 SAT exams.

***A Special Message from SAT Instructor Ms. Murphy (9/18/2017, 10/20/2017)***

For the past 3 years it has been a privilege and joy to use my (Ms. Murphy) 35 years of experience as an educator to guide Oakton Academy students to success on the English SAT exam. I am enormously proud of our students’ success. It is proof of their diligence. My classes teach students to apply their already impressive language skills to a higher level, employing tactics resulting in increases ranging from 60 to 150 points. The highest SAT Score is 780/800 and the highest essay score is 8-7-7! Congratulations to our graduates! Your hard work has given you success. I am proud to be your teacher!”  – Ms. Murphy

2017 October SAT Test Reports:

  • Student 1: SAT Math 750; SAT Physics 730
  • Student 2: SAT Math 770; SAT Physics 770
  • Student 3: SAT Math 800; SAT Physics 800  
  • Student 4: 1520 (730/790) 
  • Student 5: 1540 (750/790)
  • Student 6: 1520 (720/800)
  • Student 7: 1540 (750/790)
  • Student 8: 1440 (720/720)

2017 August SAT Test Reports: the following included the results of those who reported to us as of Sept 18, 2017!

  • Student 1: 1490 (730/760)
  • Student 2: 1570 (770/800)
  • Student 3: 1580 (780/800)
  • Student 4: 1510 (730/780)
  • Student 5: 1550 (760/790) 
  • Student 6: 1540 (740/800)
  • Student 7: 1550 (750/800)
  • Student 8:  1560 (760/800)
  • Student 9: 1480 (700/780)
  • Student 10: 1470 (710/760)

2017 May/June SAT Test Results: 

  • Student 1: 1500 (740/760)
  • Student 2: 1570 (780/790)
  • Student 3: 1570 (770/800)
  • Student 4: 1540 (740/800)
  • Student 5: 1540 (740/800)
  • Student 6: 1530 (740/790)
  • Student 7: 1500 (740/760)
  • Student 8: SAT Physics (770)
  • Student 9: SAT Physics (800)
  • We do not publish students’ names as we agree to protect their privacy. Congratulations to those who have reported to us, and who have achieved such excellent scores on their SAT exam!
  • A note from a parent: “J. C. took Ms. Murphy’s SAT summer camp last year, she (from Langley HS) just received 1570 from the May SAT test. We are thrilled and would like to thank Ms. Murphy and Oakton Academy for the excellent SAT program. J. took the mock exam last summer when she was a sophomore, and she receive 1470 at that time. During her 1:1 review with Ms. Murphy, the teacher told J that she should be able to gain 100 points, and J actually made it happen! We are very grateful for the high quality of the program, the most experienced teachers, they are the experts in SAT, the positive and friendly learning environment that Oakton Academy has created. My daughter J loved it so much, and thank you again!”

2016 October SAT Test Results:

  • Student 1: English 780, Essay 7-8-8, Math 770
  • Student 2: English 750, Essay 7-7-7, Math 770
  • Student 3: English 720, Essay 7-7-7, Math 800
  • Student 4: English 740, Essay 7-8-8, Math 800
  • More Juniors (2016) will take the SAT in January 2017. An intensive SAT class is held in late December. Congratulations to the students who worked hard and achieved such excellent SAT scores!!!

2016 November SAT Test Results: 

  • Student 1: 700/770
  • Student 2: 770/800
  • Student 3: 750/770
  • Student 4: 730/750
  • Essays range from 17 – 24 (total score of 24, 8-8-8); some received high scores of 7-8-8; and 8-8-7 for Essay Writing

2016 December SAT Test Results:

  • Student 1: 740/770
  • Student 2: 750/790
  • Student 3: 750/800
  • Student 4: 790/780 
  • Pending more students to report (due to holiday, many are out of town). Congratulations to the hard working students! 

2017 January SAT Test Results: (*SAT Honored Club)

  • Student 1: 720/800
  • Student 2: 740/790
  • Student 3: 720/800
  • Student 4: 750/680
  • Student 5: 790/790
  • Student 6: <700/790
  • Student 7: <700/790
  • A quick update on SAT Test Reports (Oct/Nov/Dec 2016 and Jan 2017). The results demonstrated the value and strength of our SAT program, which received overwhelming praise from parents and students.
  • Students who took Ms. Murphy’s Critical Reading/Writing at 10th Grade; and took her SAT over the summer. They achieved scores as high as listed above (720-800).
  • Parents are very grateful to Ms. Murphy’s Reading and Writing class, and the SAT training class.  Student Joanne said thatMs. Murphy’s class definitely helped me achieve 750 for English, and 7-7-7 for the essay writing. I took one semester’s CRW class; and then the summer SAT with Ms. Murphy. She is the most experienced English teacher I have had. I could not have gotten these high scores without her help.” Another student John’s parent commented: “John only participated in the intensive session for 10 days; he improved a lot in his reading part, which was normally his weakness; we are very happy that he got 720/800. Thanks Ms. Murphy very much for your help.”  We congratulate the students for their hard work, diligent practice, and outstanding results!
  • One student joined the Winter Intensive SAT Review, and achieved 720/800. The student received the highest score of 790/790; she joined our summer PSAT/SAT camp, and diligently practiced for three months before January 21 SAT test. Congratulations to all our students!!!

SAT Prep Sessions: 

This is designed for high school students (Grade 9 and up) to learn and practice the New SAT.  It provides students with new format, new strategy and practice in order to succeed on this exam. The test prep will target to achieve the following goals.

  • Be able to apply Critical Reading strategies that best address the new types of questions in the redesigned exam.
  • Be able to adapt test-taking practices to the revised questions in the new SAT.
  • Practice with texts and contents that reflect the emphasis on historical documents, global issues, current affairs, science, as well as traditional classic literature.
  • The course will emphasize how to interpret, synthesize, and use evidence to assess challenging texts aligned to the new SAT
  • Vocabulary study will focus on inferential strategies in order to prepare students for the new emphasis on contextual meaning
  • Students will practice analyzing data and information found on charts, graphs, and passages which reflect those which will be found on the new SAT
  • New SAT is different on essays. Students are required to read passages and apply ANALYSIS of authors’ argument. Strategies that are learned in AP English will be taught.
  • A pre & post-test will be given to measure students’ progress.
  • 1:1 teacher-parent’s conference will be held to update students’ progress and improvement areas.
  • Sophomores, who came to our last summer’s SAT camp (2015), achieved high scores of 1500, 1480 (out of 1520) in their October 2015 PSAT test. 
  • Juniors, who came to the summer camp or August intensive session (2016), achieved high scores of 750, 760, 780, with writing scores of 7-8-8! Congratulations!!!
  • Spring semester (2015-16) sophomores have made very impressive progress of an average 110 points higher in their English language test.

PSAT Prep: PSAT Introduction

The PSAT prep course offered by Oakton Academy is designed to target reading strategies and English usage skills which enhance student success on the PSAT exam in 9th or 10th grade. Students will use test- aligned readings and practice with PSAT question types. A pretest and post test score will be provided. 

This class is designed for 7th grade and up students who plan to take PSAT in order to be qualified for summer enrichment program (such as CTY, Duke Talent Search), to pass 8th grade high school admission test (AOS), or to get heads up on preparing for high PSAT scores in grade 9. This class focuses on helping students build a solid foundation in critical and analytical reading, grammar and language usage, and vocabulary. Please also note that PSAT (Preliminary SAT) test score indicates the level of your future SAT score. All students  in FCPS will take it in their 9/10/11th grade. When students arrive at 11th grade, the PSAT score will be considered for NMSQT: PSAT/NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Program). 

PSAT Instructor Ms. Jenny

Our experienced instructor Ms. J. graduated from Georgetown University with Magna Cum Laude. She successfully majored in three key areas: Mathematics, Accounting, and Finance. She worked as senior adviser for Georgetown’s Business Strategy Challenge Case Competition. At Georgetown University, she has been teaching and tutoring SAT, PSAT, AP Calculus, Statistics, Finance and Accounting courses. Ms. Jenny has also been reviewing college essays for high school students. She coaches, advises students in college admission and application.

Ms. J. worked for Wall Street J.P. Morgan in New York at the risk management department. She also worked at DC law firms and PCAOB accounting firm. Ms. J. serves as the Associate at PwC Financial Service Assurance, and she plans to pursue Ph.D in Mathematics.

PSAT Test Result

On December 12, 2016, we have received the following reports from junior students who received their PSAT scores. To protect students’ privacy, no names are displayed:

Student 1: 1480; student 2: 1480; student 3: 1470; student 4: 1500 (Perfect score is 1520); student 5: 1480; student 6; 1490; student 7: 1500, student 8, 1510 (750/760). The above numbers are solid and good for 2018 National Merit Scholarship. See target score cut off information on: http://www.compassprep.com/national-merit-semifinalist-cutoffs/

Per National Merit Scholarship Program, the official cutoff score will not be announced until September 2017. Congratulations to those who achieved high scores (PSAT: 1470/1480/1490/1500/1510).

PSAT Reference Links:

PSAT 2016-2017 Guide

Scholarship and Recognition

PSAT (10) Test

FCPS Semifinalist for 2017  NMSQT (national merit scholarship)

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“I am enormously proud of our students’ success on their recent SAT exam. Each student was diligent in their class preparation and their hard work has paid off!  Congratulations! Your hard work has given you success. I am proud to be your teacher! ” – by Ms. Murphy

Instructor’s Bio: Ms. Murphy has over 30 years of experience as an AP English teacher in both public and private schools.  She was honored to be on the NEW 2016 SAT revision committee (model curriculum design team), where she reviewed and participated the redesign of the new SAT format and contents.

Ms. Murphy served as Department Chairperson of English in High Schools.  Most recently, she was the Instructional Leadership Specialist in English and content literacy. She was appointed to represent her school district on the Model Curriculum Writing Project and was recognized as a top author of standards-based English curriculum, winning note from achieve.org, a nationally well-known Education Think Tank.

Ms. Murphy has successfully completed more than 15 test prep sessions at Oakton Academy for the NEW PSAT/SAT since 2015. Her individualized teaching, her in-depth knowledge of the test, as well as her unique teaching experience has gained community wide praise from parents and students. She has taught AP Literature and AP Language for more than 30 years, and is highly respected and recognized by her students and their parents. Her students have reported excellent SAT test scores (October 1, November 5, 2016 SAT), see above test result report from Ms. Murphy’s students.

Instructor: Ms. Jenny (PSAT/SAT/AP Instructor)

Our excellent teacher Ms. Jenny graduated from Georgetown University with great honor of “Magna Cum Laude.” She successfully majored in three key areas: Mathematics, Accounting, and Finance. Ate Georgetown University, she worked as senior adviser for Georgetown’s Business Strategy Challenge Case Competition. She has also been teaching and tutoring SAT, PSAT, AP Calculus, Statistics, Finance. Ms. Jenny has been working with high school and graduate school students reviewing admission essays and applications. She enjoys coaching, advising, and teaching students for both high school and college level students. 

Ms. Jenny worked for Wall Street J.P. Morgan in New York at the risk management department. She also worked at DC law firms and PCAOB accounting firm. She plans to pursue Ph.D in Mathematics. She is excited to bring her Georgetown teaching and tutoring experience (SAT, PSAT, AP) to Oakton Academy.

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Links for: SAT MathSAT English

College Board Practice Tests:

PSAT Practice Test Set – 2016

PSAT Practice Test Answers – 2016

PSAT and National Merit Scholarship:

PSAT 是 The Preliminary SAT 的缩写,也叫 National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT),作为全国优秀奖学金资格考试,是由美国大学理事会和国家优秀奖学金总部共同举办的一种标准化考试。每年十月份,FCPS 对9,10,11年级学生分别进行测试PSAT. 以11年级统考成绩为准 (NMSQT).  Fall PSAT prep 于9/10/17开始, Sunday 4 – 6 pm!

FCPS 213 Students Named National Merit Semifinalists in 2016:              

FCPS students who got into the finalist – NMSQT: http://commweb.fcps.edu/newsreleases/newsrelease.cfm?newsid=298

PSAT/SAT Prep Schedule:

  • PSAT Prep for Grade 7 and up (Sunday 4 – 6 pm)
  • SAT English: SAT English (Sunday 2-4 pm; Saturday 12 – 2 pm)
  • SAT Math: SAT Math  (Sunday 4 – 6 pm)

2017 Fall Sunday: 2-4 pm (SAT English);  4-6 pm (SAT Math);  4-6 pm PSAT 

2017 Fall Saturday: 12 noon – 2 pm (SAT English)

2017 August 21 – 25 Intensive Session 

2017 Jun – Jul Summer Camp Session (Completed)

2017 Spring Sunday Session: 2-4 pm; 4-6 pm; 4-5 pm (completed)

2017 Spring Saturday Session: 12-2 pm (completed) 

2016 Winter Intensive Session: 12/19 – 12/21 (10 am – 1 pm) *full (wait list)

2016 FALL Sunday Session: 9/18 – 12/11 (2 – 4 pm English; 4 – 6 pm Math) *FULL

2016 FALL Saturday Session: 9/17 – 12/17 (12 noon – 2 pm English) 

2016 August Session: 8/20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 9/17, 9/24 (10 sessions) *FULL and completed

2016 Summer SAT Session (Jun 27 – Jul 15) *completed

2016 Jun 27 – Jul 15 (Mon – Fri, 9 – 5 pm) *completed

2016 Jan – May (Sunday 2-4 pm) * completed

2016 Mar – May (Saturday 1-3 pm) * completed

2015 Dec – Mar (Saturday 1 – 3 pm) * completed

2015 Sept – Dec (Saturday 1 – 3 pm) * completed

2015 Aug 24 – Aug 28  (Mon – Fri, 9 – 12 noon) *completed

2015 Jul 6 – Jul 17 (Mon – Fri, 9 – 5 pm) * completed

2015 Jun 29 – Jul 3 (Mon – Fri, 9 – 12 noon) *completed

College Board SAT Test Date: SAT Test Dates

link: Registration Link

link: New SAT Prep Class 

Testimony (Chinese version):

家长们评价:学生们上过Ms. Murphy ‘高中阅读写作课’ 和SAT课以后,英文提高很快。不仅做题练出了速度和技巧,而且对英文各部分内容有了更深入的理解;语法、文法、词汇、写作等都提到更高层次和水平!部分参加十月一日SAT考试的学生传来喜讯:有的写作高达7-7-7 和 7-8-8 (23分)满分为24。数位学生总分达到1500-1550!Congratulations! 还有一部分11年级的学生将在12月份, 1月份, 3月份参加SAT考试!预祝他们顺利!

感谢Oakton Academy 给孩子提供了一个进深提高的平台。孩子特别赞赏Ms. Murphy critical reading and writing class,老师严谨的教学态度,循序渐进的教学方法,使孩子在阅读和写作方面得到系统并很有针对性的训练,开阔了阅读的眼界和写作的思路,这些对孩子能取得SAT的理想成绩绝对打下了良好的基础。强力推荐Ms. Murphy. 非常感谢!  (11/29/2016) 

The most recent session ended successfully with an average of 100 to 250 points improvement for the entire class. The highest improvement is 250 points (for one student). A few students achieved as high as 760, 780 (out of 800) for the English Language session. A few students also achieved essay writing 4 (out of 4) as perfect score; the total score is 8-8-8 with two reviewers at College Board. Congratulations to our hard working students. We look forward to having both existing and new students join our enriched and comprehensive PSAT/SAT Prep in 2017.  

Some students who took Ms. Murphy’s class reported their high scores of 1500, 1480 (out of 1520) October New PSAT.  Our SAT Prep class includes students from TJ, Oakton, Langley, McLean, etc. The class serves students from Rockville, MD; Leesburg, Frederisburg, VA, and Washington DC. The high quality PSAT/SAT program is delivered with dedication, discipline, determination, commitment, and the highest standard.  

Near Vienna, Fairfax, Oakton, McLean, Leesburg, Loudoun County

2705 Hunter Mill Road, VA 22124

Contact:  (571) 354-7199; or oaktonacademy@gmail.com for any additional questions.

Updates from 7/15/2016: The average improvement for the Summer Jul – Aug SAT session is 80 – 100 points, including students (rising 11th graders) achieved 780 for the language section; and 4 (out of 4) for essay writings. We look forward to hearing their reports on the October test in 2016. Highlights of July Summer SAT Session 2016: 

  • Students received individualized essay writing feedback
  • Students are lectured and tutored in English language usage and conventions; skills which are emphasized on the new SAT
  • Students use texts specially aligned to those they encounter on the new SAT test; particularly texts (readings) reflecting global issues; historical documents, and science based articles.
  • Students are given outside classroom reading materials and a plan for vocabulary improvement designed to, over time, prepare them for SAT, but more importantly, cultural knowledge expected of successful college students.

Update from 8/28/2016: My son K. took Ms. Murphy’s Jun/July three weeks’ camp, he received 760 towards end of the camp. He started with 630 for Language Art session. We are very grateful. He commented that Ms. Murphy is one of the most experienced teachers he has ever had. Ms Murphy is straight forward, she is strict with homework and assignments, students were required to keep journals on their individual progress, she also offers one to one attention to each student. The learning environment is the best my son has ever experienced. We parents also got a 1:1 teacher and parent conference on the last day, so we got a good picture of where my kid’s level. – by a SAT student’s parent 

Update from 5/21/2016: The average improvement for the most recent SAT session (15 sessions from Jan – May 2016) is 110 points; one 10th grader achieved high score of 780 for the language section; and one 10th grader achieved essay writing 4 (out of 4). Congratulations! This group of students are planning to take New SAT in October 2016, and we look forward to hearing their SAT reports.

Update from 2/15/2016: Some sophomores who took Ms. Murphy’s PSAT/SAT prep class achieved high scores of 1480 or 1500 (out of 1520) in October 2015 PSAT test.

Reviews from Ms. Murphy’s students and parents (2014-2016):

“My daughter just got 750 for her SAT English score (10/1/16). We are thrilled, and we would like to thank Ms. Murphy. My daughter said Ms. Murphy’s Critical Reading and Writing Class, which she took last Spring, and this Summer August SAT class definitely helped her achieve this high score. We are very grateful that we had this great and experienced teacher. we would recommend this SAT and Critical Reading/Writing program to any of our friends. Thank you!” – Note from a junior’s parent 

“Ms. Murphy’s one to one coaching and editing my writings in this class helped me greatly, I am very pleased to receive high scores in my other classes, such as World History.” – Comment from Critical Reading/Writing Class

“I really enjoyed Ms. Murphy’s class. Her interaction with students, her unique teaching style, and the small size of the class helped me greatly in developing critical reading skills. I will not get the same quality of learning from a large size class at school.

“I appreciate Ms. Murphy’s teaching approach. During our 1:1 teacher and parent’s conference, she is very sincere, laying out my child’s strength and weakness. She provided strategic methods for him to practice at home; and offered online editing on his essays each week. My son began to read magazines, such as “Time” and “Economists” after Ms. Murphy’s weekly’s reading assignment. I can’t thank Ms. Murphy enough for her influence in my son’s English learning. I would recommend her as a professional, knowledgeable and friendly teacher to anyone.”  – a parent from Critical Reading/Writing Class

“Over the summer, I learned the process of writing from Ms. Murphy. It it helpful for me to incorporate the writing skills and strategy into my SAT prep.” 

“My son hardly likes English teachers. But he said he likes Ms. Murphy. He took Ms. Murphy’s PSAT/SAT camp in July, and decided to sign up for the Critical Reading and Writing class in the Fall.”   – a parent

My daughter chatted with me, that from China to USA, from elementary to high school, she said Ms. Murphy is her most favorite teacher…She has music competition this semester, she would like to sign for the Spring semester.” – a parent

“Each time, John walked home, he would say, Ms. Murphy taught me something new today. We are happy to see him do the writing assignment every week from Ms. Murphy’s assignment, and he re-writes it to submit for teacher’s additional review.” – a parent

“I learned how to start, organize, structure, and write a dissertation after three months’ training and learning in this Critical Reading & Writing Class. The final presentation is the highlight of what we learned throughout the semester. I would recommend Ms. Murphy to my friends.” – from a student

“I am sophomore at Oakton HS, and I received 1480 for my October PSAT test. I am so thrilled and would like to thank Ms. Murphy for all her help in my summer new PSAT/SAT camp. I am now aiming for a perfect score for SAT. Thank you Ms. Murphy for all your help! – from a student

2016 Fall September PSAT/SAT Math

9/18-12/11, Sunday 4-6 pm 

The Math course is designed to prepare for the Math portion of the New SAT Reasoning Test. Students will develop the knowledge and skills measured on the test. The course will emphasize problem solving, modeling, appropriate tool use, and algebraic structural analysis. Course content includes all elements outlined in the New SAT Math Test Content Specifications.

Classes will consist of a pretest, lectures, question and answer, problem solving and a post-test assessment.  Students should be doing practice tests outside of class. Course content includes all elements outlined in the New SAT Math Test Content Specifications. In general, active participation by the students will be an essential element of getting full value out of the SAT Math Prep Class.

SAT Math class will consist of a pretest, lectures, question and answer, problem solving and post-test assessments.  Students should plan on doing practice tests outside of class.  There will be a strong emphasis on addressing students’ actual weaknesses, thus a heavy importance on bringing questions to class.  In general, active participation by the students will be an essential element of getting all of the value out of the class. It covers the following:

Pretest and Assessment

Algebra Pretest and Assessment

  • Linear equations and systems of linear equations
  • Linear equations and inequalities
  • Graphing linear equations and inequalities

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

  • Analyzing relationships using ratios, proportional relationships, percentages, and units
  • Representing and analyzing quantitative data
  • Finding and applying probabilities in context

Passport to Advanced Math

  • Identifying and creating equivalent algebraic expressions
  • Fluency in solving quadratic and other nonlinear equations
  • Using and graphing exponential and other nonlinear functions

Additional topics

  • Problems related to area and volume
  • Lines, angles, triangles, and circles
  • Right triangles, the unit circle, and trigonometric functions

Cross-test scores

  • Analysis/science/history/social studies

Test taking strategies

Post-test, evaluation, teacher-parent’s conference

2016 Fall SAT Math Instructors:

Ms. K. Fair, an excellent Math instructor, has been teaching Mathematics to students in Northern Virginia since 1992. Her teaching experience ranges between all subject areas in mathematics from Pre-algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra 2, and Calculus; through undergraduate college Mathematics (Multi-variable Calculus; Linear Algebra, etc). In addition to these subject areas, she has developed differentiated instruction for standardized tests including AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics, SAT Math Reasoning, SAT Math Subject Tests, and the GRE Mathematics section.  She is currently teaching at George Mason University. Her PhD research focuses on the explorations of students’ problem solving strategies and learning technologies. She is also involved in research on the professional development of mathematics teachers at George Mason University funded by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). Some of Ms. Fair’s students are pursuing PhDs in Physics and Aeronautical Engineering. She is very well recognized and respected by local students and parents.

FCPS 2016 Semi-finalists for National Merit Scholarship:

FCPS 213 Students Named National Merit Semifinalists 2016:              

FCPS students who got into the finalist – NMSQT: http://commweb.fcps.edu/newsreleases/newsrelease.cfm?newsid=2986

College Board PSAT/SAT Updates, click the following LINKS:

Compare Old and New SAT

New SAT Reading

Connect to AP

PSAT Test Benefits

Understand Scores

Score Structure

Who Sees Your Score

National Merit Scholarship Program

Link: SAT Test Dates

Anticipated Dates from College Board

2016-17 SAT Dates

2016-17 SAT Administration Dates (Anticipated)
SAT Date SAT Subject Tests Available?
Oct. 1, 2016 Yes
Nov. 5, 2016 Yes
Dec. 3, 2016 Yes
Jan. 21, 2017 Yes
March 11, 2017 No
May 6, 2017 Yes
June 3, 2017 Yes

Saturday Location: 2705 Hunter Mill Road, VA;  near Vienna, Fairfax, McLean

Sunday Location: Westfield High School/HCS (Chantilly Campus)

Registration Link

Contact:  (571) 354-7199; or oaktonacademy@gmail.com for any additional questions.

Former SAT Sessions Led by Ms. Murphy @ Oakton Academy

2016 Summer SAT Camp (June – July: 6/27 – 7/15/16; August: 8/20 – 8/28/16) 

March  ’16 Saturday @ Oakton, Vienna: 3/5 – 5/21/16, Completed 

January ‘16 Sunday @ HCS/Chantilly: 1/24/16 – 05/22/16, Completed 

January ’16 Saturday @ Oakton, Vienna: 1/23 – 2/27/16, Completed 

October ’15 New PSAT/SAT  – Completing by 2/26/16

September ’15 New PSAT/SAT  – Completed

August ’15 New PSAT/SAT Camp – Completed

July ‘15 New PSAT/SAT Camp – Completed