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By: Oakton Academy, English Teacher Ms. Murphy

According to College Board, the redesigned SAT will test the areas that research shows critical for college readiness and success. The SAT test redesign has several key changes on English section of the exam. They include:

1. Vocabulary: relevant words, the meanings of which depend on how they’re used. Students will be asked to interpret the meaning of words based on the context of the passage in which they appear.

Oakton Academy SAT Prep course will teach students strategies known as close reading, a necessary skill for success in this section.

2. Evidence-Based Reading, Writing and Essay sections will ask students to demonstrate their ability to interpret, synthesize, and use evidence found in a wide range of sources.

Oakton Academy Critical Reading/Writing courses as well as SAT Prep address the proper use of evidence in speaking, reading analysis, and writing strategies.

3. The Essay section on the 2016 SAT will require students to read a passage and explain how the author builds an argument to persuade audience.

Oakton Academy CRW (Critical R/W) and SAT courses teach strategies for argument and persuasion in speaking and writing.

4. Problems Grounded in Real-World Contexts: in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section, reading questions will include literature and literary nonfiction, but also feature charts, graphs, and passages like the ones students are likely to encounter in science, social science, and other majors and careers. Students will be asked to do more than correct errors. They will edit and revise to improve texts from the humanities, history, social science, and career contexts. Documents from American history and all subjects will be tested.

Oakton Academy CRW (Critical R/W) course and SAT provides constant teacher feedback and requires students to apply feedback to editing their writing. All forms of writing, such as those described above, are used. Please contact for SAT Prep Registration.