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2015 Summer AP Physics Prep Class

AP Physics Prep Class (Summer)

This course is designed for rising 11th or 12th grade students. It is designed to give them a strong foundation in the AP Physics concepts and practical problem solving skills. It will prepare them for success in taking the rigorous AP Physics class in the fall semester. The class is fast paced and focused on key concepts and physics terminology, as well as problem solving skills. In the Fall semester, the review class will help them better comprehend the new concepts, enhance AP Physics knowledge and problem solving skills.

This class will cover the entire two semesters’ AP Physics C in eight three hour sessions.

(1) Conventions and Graphing
(2) Vectors
(3) Kinematics in one dimension
(4) Kinematics in Two Dimensions
(5) Dynamics
(6) Circular Motion
(7) Energy, Work, and Power
(8) Momentum and Impulse
(9) Gravity
(10) Electric Field
(11) Electric Potential
(12) Circuit Elements and DC Circuits
(13) Magnetism
(14) Electromagnetic Induction


Instructor: An experienced teacher with PhD in Physics, he has taught Physics for TJ, Langley, Oakton students and other private school students. His students have received perfect scores in SAT Physics and AP Physics.

Location: Near Vienna/Fairfax/Oakton, 2705 Hunter Mill Road, VA.

Textbook Information: Fundamentals of Physics / 7th Edition, by Halliday/Resnick/Walker