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2017 Fall SAT, PSAT, AP Physics, AP Calculus

Registration LINK

SAT, PSAT, click the link:  SAT Updates

We have successfully completed summer SAT and PSAT Camp, and have successfully kicked off the Fall PSAT, SAT, Intensive SAT Prep. We are very proud of the work our teachers have completed. Click the link for the great reviews from parents and students. Below is the fall program list: SAT, PSAT, AP Calculus, AP Physics, Honors Physics, Advanced Reading/Writing, Debate/Public Speaking, Creative Writing, College Interviewing, and Essay Workshop.

The registration link is: SAT Test Schedule: 8/26; 10/07; 11/04, 12/02/2017.  New SAT

*PSAT Exam Checklist ; * Link: 2018 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

Per parents’ request, teachers opened additional SAT mock exams,  SAT Intensive Reviews: 

  • SAT Mock Exam, Oct 28, 12 noon @ 2705 Hunter Mill Rd, VA
  • Intensive SAT, 12-2 pm, 9/23-11/18, for Nov and Dec 2017 Exam
  • Intensive SAT, 12-2 pm, 1/14 – 3/4, for March (2018)
  • Intensive SAT, 12-2 pm, 3/11 – 5/6, for May 5 & Jun 2 (2018)
  • SAT English, Sunday, 2 – 4 pm
  • SAT Math, Sunday, 4-6 pm
  • Pre-AP English (Advanced Reading/Writing), Saturday 10 am Link:
  • SAT Mock Exam: Oct 28, Saturday (12 – 4 pm), Registration is required:
  • 8/9th Grade PSAT, Sunday 4 – 6 pm, #E 117 * In session
  • PSAT Mock Exam: Oct 7  (completed)

*Congratulations again to the students who got into the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist!!!

Link: (2018 NMSQT).

AP Physics, AP Calculus

  • AP Calculus, Sunday 2-4 pm
  • AP/Honors Physics, 4-6 pm
  • Fundamentals of AP Physics/Honors Physics, and SAT Physics
  • AP Physics 1, 2, C & Honors Physics): Sunday 4 – 6 pm
  • SAT Physics Review: 3/15-4/30/2017 

5th – 12th Grade Advanced Reading/Writing/Public Speaking:

  • 5/6th Grade Advanced Reading & Writing (Saturday 9:30 – 10:30 am)
  • 6/7th Grade Advanced Creative Writing (Saturday 11 am – 12 noon
  • 7/8th Grade Advanced Writing/Critical Reading (Saturday 9:30 am – 11 am)
  • 9/10th Grade Advanced Writing/Reading *(Pre- AP English, Saturday 10 am – 12 noon)
  • Public Speaking (Saturday 11 am – 12 noon)
  • Debate Class (Saturday 12 am – 1:00 pm)

College Application Essay Workshop, click the link

The registration link is: Thanks for your review!

2017 Summer PSAT/SAT/AP Programs

Summer PSAT/SAT/AP Programs

2017 PSAT/SAT Summer Sessions:

Week 6/27 – 6/30 

Week  7/5 – 7/8

Week  7/10-7/14

Week 7/17-7/21 

Week 8/21-8/25

  • PSAT/SAT Lecturing/Practice/Strategy/Drills/New PSAT/SAT 
  • Essay Writing, Grammar Practice, Critical Reading 
  • SAT Pretest,  and SAT post test assessment 
  • Testing strategy, skills, speed, and common errors
  • 1:1 teacher and student conference
  • highly qualified and experienced SAT teachers 

PSAT/SAT Intensive Session: Aug 21 – Aug 25  

PSAT/SAT English (9 am – 12 noon):

Link: SAT Course 

This course is designed to introduce students to the new (2016) SAT English format and to provide them with strategies and practice to succeed on this exam. Students will work 3 hours each day, learning strategies for successful multiple choice answers, approaches to write essay responses aligned to the expectations of the new exam, and honing skills relevant to the use of Standard English conventions. This session will target the following goals:

  • apply Critical Reading strategies 
  • adapt test-taking practices to the new SAT
  • practice with texts and contents which are aligned to the new SAT
  • emphasis on historical documents, global issues, current affairs, science, as well as traditional classic literature.
  • emphasize how to interpret, synthesize, and use evidence
  • Vocabulary study will focus on inferential strategies in order to prepare students for the new emphasis on contextual meaning.
  • practice analyzing data and information found on charts, graphs, and passages 
  • apply analytical reading and analysis of the author’s argument
  • A pre assessment test and a post evaluation test will be conducted and reported
  • 1:1 teacher and parent conference will be scheduled 

Instructor Bio:

Ms. Murphy has over 30 years of experience as a teacher of English in both public and private schools, serving as Department Chairperson of English High Schools.  Most recently, she was the Instructional Leadership Specialist in English and content literacy. She was appointed to represent her school district on the Model Curriculum Writing Project, and was recognized as a top author of standards-based English curriculum, winning note from, a nationally well-known Education Think Tank. Ms. Murphy was honored to be one of the members on College Board’s NEW SAT Review Committee.

Ms. Murphy has taught SAT English, AP Literature, and AP Language in high school for more than 30 years. Many of her students have achieved high scores in College Board SAT and PSAT tests. Check link SAT Course for more details.

2017 Summer PSAT/SAT Camps (6/27 – 7/21) 

Summer Programs include: PSAT/SAT, SAT English, SAT Math, AP Physics, AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Algebra 2, Reading, Writing, Debate, Public Speaking, College Application & Essay Workshop, and College Admission Interview. 

Summer Weekend Schedule: Saturday (6/24 – 8/12/2017)
Summer Camp For 5-7th Graders: Science/Reading/Writing/Math/Debate 

Week Jun 26 – Jun 30; Week Jul 5 – Jul 7

Week Jul 10 – Jul 15; Week Jul 17 – Jul 21 

  • 5/6/7th graders: science experiment, creative writing, essay crafting, classics reading, all of which are key components in the future standard tests: SHSAT, SSAT, SOL, PSAT, and SAT tests
  • The third summer enrichment program, which has gained recognition and praise from the community, see details on:

Advanced Reading & Writing, Advanced Math (Rising 7/8th Graders)

  • 7-8thGrade Advanced Reading/Writing/Math Program 
  • Excellent and experienced teachers in English/Math/Debate
  • This is an excellent enrichment program. It has gained overwhelming recognition and praise from parents and students. Our students come from areas of McLean, Falls Church, Oakton, Chantilly, Vienna. Some students come from private schools of Potomac, Flint Hill, Oakcrest, Heights, St. Jones, and other schools.
  • Advanced Math/Reading/Writing, covering materials include SHSAT (Specialized High School Admission Test, AOS and TJ admission test, Private High School Admission Test. Link: 7-8thGrade Advanced Reading/Writing/Math Program
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers in English and Math
2017 Summer Session: Saturday (6/24 – 8/12)
English Language Advanced Reading & Writing 
College Essay,  College Application, and College Admission Interview Workshop
  • July 1 – July 29, Saturdays (1 pm – 4 pm)
  • Aug 21 – 25  ( 9 am – 12 noon)
  • Nov 1 deadline for EA/ED; RD (regular application deadline): January 01
  • College Application Workshop

Location: near Oakton, Vienna, McLean, Chantilly, Falls Church, Fairfax, VA 

Registration: ; Registration Link

Contact:  (571) 354-7199; or for any additional questions.

2017 Summer AP Physics, Honors Physics Fundamentals

Summer 2017 (Link: 2017 Summer Program)

This AP Physics/Honors Physics Summer Session will cover the following concepts:

(1) Conventions and Graphing
(2) Vectors
(3) Kinematics in one dimension
(4) Kinematics in Two Dimensions
(5) Dynamics
(6) Circular Motion
(7) Energy, Work, and Power
(8) Momentum and Impulse
(9) Gravity
(10) Electric Field
(11) Electric Potential
(12) Circuit Elements and DC Circuits
(13) Magnetism
(14) Electromagnetic Induction


The summer AP Physics/Honors Physics overview session will have many Questions and Problem Solving sessions to help students sharp their understanding of key concepts, learn how to apply those concepts to solve real physics problems. It is designed for rising 11th and 12th graders who plan to take AP Physics or Honors Physics in the Fall. It offers the opportunity for high school students to build up Physics foundation that is required to succeed in taking the rigorous AP Physics in their base school; and to achieve high score in May AP exam.

NEW contents include: Motion in one and two dimensions, Force and Motion, Kinetic Energy and Work, Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy, Center of Mass and Linear Momentum, Rotation, Rolling, Torque, and Angular Momentum, Electric Charge, Electric Fields, Gauss Law, Electric Potential and Circuits. Capacitance, Current and Resistance, Magnetic Fields, Induction and Inductance, Electromagnetic Oscillations and Alternating Current, Maxwell’s Equations and Magnetism of Matter. With time permission, we would also cover selective major chapters from Optics and Thermodynamics.  *Teacher’s bio 

The text books include: “Fundamentals of Physics” by Hallliday, Resnick, and Walker, the 7th Edition; Barron’s AP Physics; and other required materials

Registration Link 

Instructor:  Dr. Frank Lu is an experienced teacher with a PhD in Physics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) . He received degrees from Fudan University, University of Maryland, and Duke University. Dr. Lu taught college students at UMBC (MD), and American University (DC). He also tutored and taught students from TJ, Oakton, and Langley High Schools as well as other private schools. His students have received excellent scores in SAT Physics (700 – 800) and AP Physics (5).

Dr. Lu’s unique instructional method and teaching style includes many question and problem solving sessions, sharpening students’ understanding of key concepts, enabling students to apply those concepts to solve real Physics problems in life, and building a solid foundation for the rigorous AP Physics Test.

From 2014 to 2017, some of Dr. Lu’s AP and SAT Physics students reported their admission to top schools, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, U of Chicago, Georgetown, U of Penn, NYU Stern Business School, Penn State , Cornell, Notre Dame, UC Berkeley, Swarthmore, and other great colleges. One student M. Sun (2016) got admitted to Y/H/S, and he is currently attending Stanford; he received 5 on his AP Physics tests. Another student C. Song from Maryland (2016) who attended our SAT Physics class, got admitted to Upenn (Wharton), she received 780 for her SAT Physics test. Each year, we are very happy for those who have worked extremely hard, and who have demonstrated their intelligence, their potentials, and most importantly their enthusiasm in learning Physics. 

Location: 2705 Hunter Mill Rd, VA 22124

Schedule: Saturday 10 am – 12 Noon; 6/24 – 8/12/2017 

Registration: “registration” for “Summer AP Physics”. Seat is limited to 12 students, first come, first served.

Contact: for any questions!

PSAT/SAT Summer Camp, AP Physics/AP Calculus/SAT Subject Classes (6/24 – 7/21)

Link: 2017 Summer Program
AP and SAT Weekend Classes (6/24 – 8/19, Saturdays)

Registration link: “registration”. Feel free to reach: for any questions. Thanks for your review!

2017 Spring Program Announcement

Oakton Academy 

2705 Hunter Mill Rd, VA

Jumpstart your child’s critical thinking, analytical writing, and mathematical skills with Oakton Academy. Learn how your student can become a better writer, an advanced reader, a critical thinker, a sharp math problem solver, a confident test taker (SAT, AP), and a capable pubic speaker at Oakton Academy!! Our students are from local schools and communities: Oakton, McLean, Langley, TJ, Madison, Chantilly, Reston, Herndon, Rockville, and other private schools from Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas. Our experienced and excellent teachers are here to help and support your child exceed.

2016-2017 PSAT/SAT Prep

  • 2017 Saturday SAT Math II, 2-4 pm: SAT Subject Math 2
  • 2017 Saturday SAT Physics, 2-4 pm: SAT Physics Test Prep
  • 2017 Sunday English 2-4 pm, link: SAT English  *full
  • 2017 Sunday Math 4-6, link: SAT Math
  • 2017 Sunday PSAT prep 4-5 pm, link: SAT English *Newly opened for 8/9th graders
  • 2017 Saturday English 12 – 2 pm, link: SAT English
  • 2017 Saturday Advanced Critical Reading and Writing (10 am – 12 ) *FULL (Wait List)
  • Winter SAT Intensive Session: 12/19- 12/21, 10 am – 1 pm (Wait List)
  • October 1 and November 5, 2016 SAT Test Results – some students reported their excellent scores:  700-780 on English; 770-800 on Math, 7-8-8 on writing (out of 24 perfect score)! 750/770; 760/800; 740/760, etc. Congratulations to our students and families!!
  • For the 2016 SAT Test Results, click the link: 2016 SAT October and November Tests Updates

PSAT/SAT/AP Test Prep @ Oakton Academy

AP Physics (AP Mechanics, AP E&M):

Key Concepts Review, Problem Solving, AP Test Prep  

SAT Physics Prep **2017 Spring semester

  • Link: SAT Physics Test Prep
  • Students from TJ, Oakton, McLean, Langley, Madison, and private schools participated in the SAT and AP Physics Prep Classes. They received excellent scores!
  • 2/25 – 5/7/17,  Intensive SAT Physics Study on Saturday and Sunday 

AP Calculus Review/Problem Solving/AP Test (*New)

  • Link: AP Calculus Sunday 2-4 pm
  • Small Class, individual attention, challenging problem solving
  • Enhance understanding of key concepts, improve grades, well prepared for AP test 
  • Excellent teacher Ms. Fair, see link: AP Cal Teacher’s Bio

Advanced Critical Reading/Writing Session II (9-10th Grade)

  • Link: Advanced Critical Reading & Writing  Saturday 10 am – 12 noon
  • Our former students who took the solid training on this R/W course, also achieved higher scores in SAT English test (760, 780)!

Public Speaking, Internship & College Interviewing (9-11th graders)

Public Speaking, Debate (6-9th grade)

College and Internship Application Essay Writing

  • College Admission Interviewing Workshop: December 2016, January – March 2017
  • College Admission / Application Workshop: February 2017, May 2017, July 2017
  • College Application & Essay Writing; link: Summer Internship Program Application
  • College Application Workshop: July 4th, 2017 

Advanced Reading/Writing/Public Speaking for 4th– 8th Graders


We focus on students’ analytical and critical reading ability, professional writing skills, confident speaking and presentation. We support and encourage our students to develop passion for leadership, community services, and help shape a better world where we live: more positive (attitude), more peaceful (environment), more powerful (knowledge).  Educating the whole person is the motto of Oakton Academy. Thanks for your support!

Educating the Whole Person @ Oakton Academy

  • Oakton Academy offers SAT English/Math, SAT Physics, SAT English, PSAT Prep
  • Oakton Academy offers AP review & prep: AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP English, AP History, AP Chemistry
  • Oakton Academy offers Critical Thinking/Reading & Writing/Public Speaking for all levels 
  • Oakton Academy offers College Application Consultation, Application Essays, Admission Interviewing, Career Development

SAT家长们评价:学生们上过Ms. Murphy SAT 课以后,英文提高很快。不仅做题练出了速度和技巧,而且对英文各部分内容有了更深入的理解;语法、文法、词汇、写作等都提到更高层次和水平!部分参加十月一日SAT考试的学生传来喜讯:有的写作高达7-7-7 和 7-8-8 (23分)满分为24。数位学生总分达到1500-1550!Congratulations! 还有一部分11年级的学生将在12月/1月份/3月份/5月份参加考试!预祝他们顺利!”  


Oakton Academy Educational Service

2705 Hunter Mill Road, VA  |  Contact: 571-354-7199;