2017 Spring Program Announcement

Oakton Academy 

2705 Hunter Mill Rd, VA


Jumpstart your child’s critical thinking, analytical writing, and mathematical skills with Oakton Academy. Learn how your student can become a better writer, an advanced reader, a critical thinker, a sharp math problem solver, a confident test taker (SAT, AP), and a capable pubic speaker at Oakton Academy!! Our students are from local schools and communities: Oakton, McLean, Langley, TJ, Madison, Chantilly, Reston, Herndon, Rockville, and other private schools from Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas. Our experienced and excellent teachers are here to help and support your child exceed.


  • Sunday: English 2-4 pm, link: SAT English
  • Sunday: Math 4-6 pm, link: SAT Math
  • Saturday: English 12 – 2 pm, link: SAT English
  • October 1 and November 5, 2016 SAT Test Results – some students reported their excellent scores: 1500-1550, with 700-780 on English; 770-800 on Math, 7-8-8 on writing (out of 24 perfect score)! Congratulations to our students and families!!
  • For the 2016 SAT Test Results of those students who reported their test scores, click the link: 2016 SAT October and November Tests Updates

AP Physics: New Concepts Review, Challenging Problem Solving, and AP Physics Test Preparation 

SAT Physics Prep **Spring semester

  • Link: SAT Physics Test Prep
  • Students from TJ, Oakton, McLean, Langley, Madison, and private schools participated in the SAT and AP Physics Prep Classes. They received excellent scores!
  • February – May, 2017, Saturday and Sunday sessions  

AP Calculus Review/Problem Solving/AP Test (*New)

Advanced Critical Reading/Writing Session II (9-10th Grade)

  • Link: Advanced Critical Reading & Writing  Saturday 10 am – 12 noon
  • Our former students who took the solid training on this R/W course, also achieved higher scores in SAT English test (760, 780)!

Public Speaking, Internship & College Interviewing (9-11th graders)

Public Speaking, Debate (6-9th grade)

College and Internship Application Essay Writing

  • College Application & Essay Writing; link: Summer Internship Program Application
  • College Application Workshop: July 4th, 2017 
  • College Admission Interviewing Workshop: December 2016, January – March 2017

Advanced Reading/Writing/Public Speaking for 4th– 8th Graders

Link: http://www.oaktonacademy.com/english-programs/

Excellent Academic and Leadership Programs @ Oakton Academy

  • Oakton Academy SAT English, SAT Math, SAT Physics, SAT English
  • Oakton Academy AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP English, AP History
  • Oakton Academy Critical Thinking/Reading & Writing/Public Speaking, Leadership and Public Service, Communication and Debate
  • Oakton Academy College Application Consultation, Application Essays, Admission Interviewing, Career Development

SAT家长们评价:学生们上过Ms. Murphy SAT 课以后,英文提高很快。不仅做题练出了速度和技巧,而且对英文各部分内容有了更深入的理解;语法、文法、词汇、写作等都提到更高层次和水平!部分参加十月一日SAT考试的学生传来喜讯:有的写作高达7-7-7 和 7-8-8 (23分)满分为24。数位学生总分达到1500-1550!Congratulations! 还有一部分11年级的学生将在12月/1月份/3月份/5月份参加考试!预祝他们顺利!”  


Oakton Academy Educational Service

2705 Hunter Mill Road, VA

www.oaktonacademy.com  |  Contact: 571-354-7199; oaktonacademy@gmail.com 

2016 Fall Semester Program List

Oakton Academy Educational Service

2705 Hunter Mill Rd, VA

Fall Programs for Registration 2016-2017

www.oaktonacademy.com “REGISTRATION”


  • PSAT/SAT English; Sunday 2-4 pm; Saturday 12 noon – 2 pm, click the link: SAT English
  • October 1, 2016 SAT Test Results: some students reported their scores: over 1500-1550, with 720-760 on English; 770-800 on Math !! Congratulations to our students!
  • PSAT/SAT Math; Sunday 4-6pm; click the link: SAT Math

Quick Update on October 28, 2016:

家长们评价:学生们上过Ms. Murphy SAT 课以后,英文提高很快。不仅做题练出了速度和技巧,而且对英文各部分内容有了更深入的理解;语法、文法、词汇、写作等都提到更高层次和水平!部分参加十月一日SAT考试的学生传来喜讯:有的写作高达7-7-7 和 7-8-8 (23分)满分为24。数位学生总分达到1500-1550!Congratulations! 还有一部分11年级的学生将在11月/12月/1月份参加考试!预祝他们顺利!”

AP Physics, Honors Physics, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC  (高中AP物理/AP微积分)

  • AP Calculus, Sunday 2-4 pm; AP Calculus
  • AP Physics, Honors Physics Fundamentals , Sunday 4-6 pm; AP Physics
  • AP Physics & Honors Physics Group Tutoring, AP Calculus Tutoring

Advanced Critical Reading/Writing

Public Speaking/Communication/College Interviewing (9 – 12 Grade)

  • 高中公共演讲/大学申请面试(Saturday 12 noon – 1 pm)
  • College Application Essay Workshop 大学申请文书 (Saturday 1 pm)

Fundamentals of AP Physics/Honors Physics, and SAT Physics, Physics Tutoring, Physics Study Group 

Advanced English Program – Reading/Writing/Public Speaking for 4th– 8th Graders  http://www.oaktonacademy.com/english-programs/

Registration link: www.oaktonacademy.com. For Physics, AP Physics, Honors Physics study group and tutoring, please visit: http://www.oaktonacademy.com/tj-physics-advance-learning-workshop/ap-physics-c-mechanics-prep-course/



Oakton Academy

2705 Hunter Mill Road, VA


PSAT/SAT; AP Physics, AP Calculus, Algebra II, Advanced Reading/Writing, Public Speaking, Debate

Registration Link

Location: 2705 Hunter Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22124

Fall September 18 – December 10, SAT English (2-4 pm); SAT Math (4-6 pm)

Summer August 20 – 27th SAT English  

Summer Jun – Jul SAT Session (*completed)

Comprehensive PSAT/SAT Prep in Fairfax, Mclean, Oakton, Vienna, Falls Church area.

Summer SAT Camp

8/20 – 8/27; and 9/17, 9/24 (total 10 sessions): 9 am – 12 noon (SAT English)

Registration Link

ADDRESS: 2705 Hunter Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22124

Summer AP Physics, AP Calculus, Algebra 2, Public Speaking/Debate Classes

Weekend Schedule (*Click links below): 

Registration Link

7-8th Grade Advanced Reading/Essay Writing/Debate Camp

  • Link: Summer Writing/Math/Debate Camp for Rising 7 and 8 Grade  
  • Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) for both public and private schools; PSAT Prep (Preliminary SAT Test);  both public and private high school admissions, including TJ test, SHSAT, etc.
  • Advanced Reading, Persuasive, Reflective, and Creative Writing
  • Analytical Problem Solving Skills, Advanced Mathematics Review
  • Public Speaking/Debate practice and introduction
  • Experienced teachers include: Ms. Ivy (teaches GMU college students English Composition), Mr. Pudasaini (teaches at FCPS), Mr. Jay (TJ Debate Captain) will be the leading teachers for this enriched camp
  • click the link for details: Summer Writing/Math/Debate Camp for Rising 7 and 8 Grade  (*Newly added camp)
  • Advanced Critical Reading, Essay Writing, Problem Solving, Debate and Public Speaking camp

5-7th Grade Science/Writing/Public Speaking

link: Summer Science & Writing Camp

Registration Link

6/28 – 7/15 (Full Day 9 am – 5 pm/Half Day 9 am – 12 noon) 

  • Morning Programs include: daily science, reading,  writing, social study
  • Afternoon programs include: Essay Writing, Public Speaking, and debate
  • http://www.oaktonacademy.com/sciencewriting-summer-camp/
  • Excellent and fun camp on science, writing, social study, public speaking and debate
  • This program is led by outstanding teachers Ms. Sanda, Ms. Ivy, and Mr. Jay

College Essay & Application Workshop

  • Session I: July 7/8/9
  • Session II: Aug 20/21/22
  • Session III: Sept 3/4/5
  • Session IV: Oct 14/15/16
  • EA/ED: Nov 1, 2016; Regular Application Deadline: 01/01/2017
  • College Application Workshop

Serving areas include VA/DC/MD; location is near Vienna, McLean, Fairfax, VA

Registration: Registration Link

Contacts: oaktonacademy@gmail.com571-354-7199

Website: www.oaktonacademy.com

Discount policy applies to: referrals, siblings, and special needs. Please check with the office for details. We thank you for your trust in sending your students to our unique, advanced, and comprehensive learning programs that enrich students’ academic growth in language art, mathematics, science, debate and public speaking.

2016 Summer Programs @ Oakton Academy: www.oaktonacademy.com

ADDRESS: 2705 Hunter Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22124

Contacts: oaktonacademy@gmail.com571-354-7199

Registration: http://www.oaktonacademy.com/registration-2/

2016 AP Physics Tutoring & AP Physics Study Group

AP Physics and Honors Physics Study Group and Tutoring

The Summer AP Physics & Honors Physics Fundamental is designed for 10th /11th grade students who is now registered in Dr. Frank Lu’s “Physics Fundamental Class,” and who would want to continue their current physics studies through the summer.

It provides students with a strong foundation in Honored Physics and AP Physics concepts. The class will have many Questions and Problem Solving sessions to help students sharp their understanding of key concepts, learn how to apply those concepts to solve real physics problems. It offers the opportunity for high school students to build up Physics foundation that is required to succeed in taking the rigorous AP Physics in their base school; and to achieve high score in May 2017 AP test.

This class will start by a quick overview of what have already been covered so far and then venture into the following NEW contents: Center of Mass and Linear Momentum, Rotation, Rolling, Torque, and Angular Momentum, Electric Charge, Electric Fields, Gauss Law, Electric Potential and Circuits. Capacitance, Current and Resistance, Magnetic Fields, Induction and Inductance, Electromagnetic Oscillations and Alternating Current, Maxwell’s Equations and Magnetism of Matter. We also plan to cover selective major chapters from Optics and Thermodynamics.  *Teacher’s bio 

The text book is “Fundamentals of Physics” by Hallliday, Resnick, and Walker, the 7th Edition.

Schedule: Saturday 2 – 4 pm; Thursday 7-9 pm; 6/25-8/20/2016 (16 sessions)

The Summer AP Physics & Honors Physics Fundamental Class for New Student is designed for 10th/11th grade students who plan to take AP Physics (1, 2 or C; or Honors Physics) in the fall semester. It provides students a strong foundation in Honored Physics and AP Physics concepts. There will be many Questions and Problem solving sessions during class to help students sharp their understanding of key concepts and learn how to apply those concepts to solve real physics problems. It offers the opportunity for high school students to build up Physics foundation that is required to succeed in taking the rigorous AP Physics in their base school.

It will cover key concepts: Motion in one and two dimensions, Force and Motion, Kinetic Energy and Work, Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy, Center of Mass and Linear Momentum, Electric Charge, Electric Fields, Gauss Law, Electric Potential and Magnetism.

The text book is “Fundamentals of Physics” by Hallliday, Resnick, and Walker, the 7th Edition. No need for new book, a used one is sufficient.

Schedule: Saturday 10 – 12 pm; Wednesday 7-9 pm; 6/25-8/20/2016 (16 sessions)

Registration:  Registration Link 

Instructor:  Dr. Frank Lu is an experienced teacher with PhD in Physics & Artificial Intelligence. He received degrees from Fudan University, University of Maryland, and Duke University. Dr. Lu tutored and taught college students at UMBC (MD), and American University (DC). He also tutored and taught students from TJ, Oakton, Langley high school,  as well as other private schools. His students received excellent scores in SAT Physics (700 – 800) and AP Physics (5).

Some of Dr. Lu’s AP and SAT Physics students got admitted to top schools, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Chicago, Duke, NYU, UC Berkeley, Georgetown,  Upenn Wharton, etc. Congratulations to our seniors!

Mailing: Oakton Academy, POBox 564, Oakton, VA 22124

Location: 2705 Hunter Mill Rd, VA 22124

Website: www.oaktonacademy.com

Contacts: oaktonacademy@gmail.com

2016 Spring Programs

Oakton Academy Educational Service
2854 Hunter Mill Road, VA 22124

Ms. Murphy successfully completed July, August, September and October sessions for high school students who plan to take the New SAT after March 2016. While we are having two classes in session; the third class will start March 5, Saturday 1 – 3 pm. Registration opens now. 

Some students who took our summer camp last year reported that their scores on the October New PSAT (2015) were as good as 1460, 1480, 1500, the perfect score is 1520 for PSAT.

SAT Prep Class 

Advanced Critical Reading and Writing

Public Speaking Class 9 – 12 Grade (高中公共演讲)
Saturday 12 – 1 pm 
Public Speaking

Physics (高中物理):  

  • 高中物理预习班 
  • AP物理复习班
  • SAT物理复习班 

Public Speaking Class 5 – 8 Grade (小学初中公共演讲训练)
Saturday 12 – 1 pm 
Public Speaking

Advanced Reading & Writing for 4-8 grades (小学初中趣味阅读,写作)
January 23 – May 7, 2016 (12 Sessions)

  • 7th/8th Grade Advanced Reading & Writing
  • 5th/6th Grade Advanced Writing
  • 4th/5th Grade Advanced Writing

Advanced Reading and Writing

Registration: www.oaktonacademy.com
Contacts: oaktonacademy@gmail.com, 571-354-7199

2015 Fall Program

Oakton Academy Educational Service
2854 Hunter Mill Road, VA 22124
oaktonacademy@gmail.com; 571-354-7199


新改革的PSAT将于十月份在高中各校举行第一期考试, 十年级和十一年级学生都将参加统考。为帮助学生复习, 顺利准备这次新型的考试, 老师已举办第三期复习班. 请查看以下资料.


Ms. Murphy successfully completed July and August sessions for high school students who will take the New PSAT in October 2015, and the New SAT in March 2016.


新改革的PSAT/SAT (10 – 11 Grade)
Part (I) New PSAT: Saturday 12:30 – 2:30 (English), 9/19 – 10/12 (*5 weeks)
Part (II) New SAT:  Saturday 12:30 – 2:30 (English), 10/24 – 2/27 (*12 weeks)
New PSAT English
New PSAT Math


高中英文阅读写作加强班 (9-10th Grade)
Saturday 10:00 – 12 noon, 9/19 – 12/5/15
Advanced Critical Reading and Writing


AP物理复习 (11 – 12th Grade)
Part (I) Saturday: 11am – 1 pm, Fall Session: 9/26 – 12/5/15 (8 classes) * Mechanics
AP Physics AP C ( Mechanics ) Prep ClassPart (II) Saturday: 11am – 1 pm, Winter Session: 2/6/16 – 4/9/16  (8 classes) * Electricity & Magnetism
AP Physics C ( Electricity and Magnetism ) Prep Class


小学初中趣味阅读,写作小班 (4th – 8th Grade) 

Sept 12 – Dec 5, 2015 (10 Sessions)

  • 7th/8th Grade Advanced Reading & Writing
  • 5th/6th Grade Advanced Writing
  • 4th/5th Grade Advanced Writing
Registration: www.oaktonacademy.com
Contacts: oaktonacademy@gmail.com, 571-354-7199

Summer Program II

Happy summer to you!

新改革的PSAT将于十月份在高中各校举行第一期考试, 十年级和十一年级学生都将参加统考。为帮助学生顺利复习准备这次新型的考试, 老师将开办暑假第二期的复习班, 请查看以下资料。

Thanks parents who have registered! Ms. Murphy opened Aug 24- 28 for high school students who just came back from internship or vacation.

1) New PSAT/SAT Prep (9 am – 12 noon) * 新改革的PSAT/SAT

2) College Application and Essays (Aug 24-28) 1 pm – 4 pm *大学申请论文写作

3) English Programs (Aug 29 starts – November) * 九月份英文阅读写作课

Deadline for registration is 8/5. If you are interested, please register asap as space is limited:



http://www.oaktonacademy.com/english-programs/ (* New Programs in the Fall Semester – 高中英文阅读写作课)


Summer Programs

2015 Summer Program Outline

2015 Summer Program List

www.oaktonacademy.com “registration”

  • PSAT/SAT (new 2016) CAMP, Jul Session I, August Session II
  • Writing/Science/Arts, July Session I, August Session II
  • Weekend Programs:
    • Algebra II, Data Analysis, Trigonometry (Jun/Jul)
    • AP Physics Preview Class (Jun/Jul/Aug)
    • College Application Essay Workshop Jul 4th -6th; Aug 24 – 28; October 22-25
    • Summer Reading Buddies Program (summer)
    • Fund Raising Program: Musical Performance (summer)

For details, please review: http://www.oaktonacademy.com/summer-program/

For interested parties, please go to www.oaktonacademy.com for registration, or contact 571-354-7199, or oaktonacademy@gmail.com

2015 Summer Science/Writing Program Details:

Week 1 (Jul 13 – 17); Week 2 (Jul 20 – 24th) 8:30 am – 5:30 pm; Week 3 (Aug 24-28) 9 – 3 pm

Day 1: experimental design/cell biology: making “plastic” milk to learn about protein
Day 2: genetics- DNA extraction experiment
Day 3: microbiology- create your own bacterium out of recyclable items
Day 4: anatomy
Day 5: plant biology- learning how transpiration works with celery
Day 6: evolutionary/population biology
Day 7: ecology
Day 8: earth science- building a volcano
Day 9/10: Continue earth science; introduction to chemistry- experiment with using a pickle as a battery

Registration: www.oaktonacademy.com for 5th – 7th Graders Summer Program.
For summer programs, please go to: http://www.oaktonacademy.com/summer-program/
Contact: oaktonacademy@gmail.com or (571) 354-7199.

Summer Program Outline 中文版


* 新改革PSAT/SAT暑期夏令营

* 丰富有趣,科学,阅读,画画夏令营 (Jul 13 – 24)  for 5-7年级

* 大学申请,论文指导,College Application Workshop (3 days); July 3-5th ; Jul 6-10th (6:30pm – 9:30pm)

* Summer 5th-7th Grade Science & Writing

* AP Physics Prep Class (AP Physics预习班), June 27th 开课

* Algebra II (advanced), June 27th 开课

* 高中部: Volunteer Opportunities: Reading Buddies Program, Fund Raising Activities: Music Performance for Nepal Earthquake, etc.

有兴趣的家长,可上网登记:www.oaktonacademy.com for “registration” or 联络: oaktonacademy@gmail.com; (571) 354-7199. Thank you!

Teachers’ Bio:

Ms. Sanda Schwartz毕业于UVA, 从小喜欢科学和实验. 她本科为生物科学研究, 目前正在GMU研究生院学习教育学. 她注重课程设计, 热爱在课堂第一线教学, 喜欢小学生。Ms. Sanda 在Oakton已教第四期5 – 6年级的阅读写作课. 深受学生们的欢迎. 她是本期夏令营的主导老师.

邢老师是资深的画画老师,当地许多学生都拜她为师,已有二十余年. 她的学生有的已大学毕业,带着老师教的画画功底继续深造,或做为终身的爱好之一。在华府地区,深受家长学生们的欢迎.


May Newsletter

Oakton教育咨学院3/21/15 Great Falls Library 举办了第四期免教育. 来到现场的七位秀大学生与四十多位家和学生分享了高中生面的挑: , 社区活, 交友, 与父母交流等方面. 在座的家和学生大学生分享的经历, 经验,教表示非常欣. 包括: IB/AP目的选择, SAT/College Essay 如何准, 推荐信重要不重要, 如有意往理工方面, 参加什么活, 什么实习机会/Internship.

 Oakton教育咨学院开的高中阅读写作 Ms. Murphy 有三十年的教学经验. 一位9学生”I really like Ms. Murphy’s Classic Teaching Style. I enjoyed reading and writing a lot more.” 个写作小班不超8 位学生. 与学生建立了融洽的生之情. 此班注重学生对历, 政治, 经济诸课题阅读, 理解能力, 以迎接2016新改革的SAT. Ms. Murphy2016 SAT改革委会会, 她不仅谙(old) SAT辅导, 而且NEW SAT有独特的了解, 将在辅导中把新的复方案, 重点运用到实际教学程中。

 Dr. Lu 开的SAT物理辅导, 于四, , 六月分开班, SAT学生服. 1批学生于5/2 , 们经过八周训练, ( 13内容是新内容), 在最短的时间内掌握, 运用新学内容(光学, 磁学,等等), 以保高分.  

 今年夏季, 学生需求, Dr. Lu 为选AP 物理的学生举办预习 (1112的学生) . 去年夏季, 一批高中生利用暑期时间, 参加AP 物理预习, 为难大的AP物理打下坚实的基. 学年他均在自已本校(包括 TJ 学生), 突出,保持最佳水平和状, 可喜可

 Oakton教育咨学院新开的6, 7学生阅读/写作加, 连续4期了. 孩子都特, 盼着周六来上趣味的阅读课, 也开始培养良好的阅读和写作习惯.

“Ms. Sanda’s class is very interesting, she made reading and writing a lot of fun.” “I am not afraid of speaking anymore. Because each class, we will share a special event we did that week, including the teacher.” 堂上运用阅读词汇, 包括一些有趣的Lego, Jeopardy games. 在每周1个半小内完成了多精典: To Kill a Mockingbird  (Harper Lee); The Odyssey (Homer); Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain); Life of Pi  ( Yann Martel). 有二位四, 五年, 然他, 但踊跃发, 极参与, 得到老. 写作, 阅读成了一件松快的活.


July 6 – 17 (Session I); Jul 20- Jul 31 (Session II), 8:30-5:30pm

  • 小学,初中 57: 阅读写作, 数学, 科学, 画画/象棋, 周五参博物
  • 高中部 9/10: 2016 NEW SAT/PSAT, 共公演(public speaking)
  • 11/12: College Application and Essay Workshop  
  • 11/12: AP Physics Prep Class (AP Physics 预习)
  • 9/10: Algebra II, Data Analysis, Trigonometry
  • 高中学生Volunteer Opportunities: “Reading Buddies Program,” “Food and Friends’ Program,” Fund Raising Activities: Music Performance for Nepal Earthquake, etc.

 趣的家,可上网登www.oaktonacademy.com for “registration” or

联络:oaktonacademy@gmail.com; (571) 354-7199. Thank you!